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The King and Queen had just flown out, so he peeped in and saw five or six young ones lying there. 'Is that the royal palace? cried the bear; 'it is a wretched palace, and you are not King's children, you are disreputable children! When the young wrens heard that, they were frightfully angry, and screamed: 'No, that we are not! Our parents are honest people! Bear, you will have to pay for that!

"O-o-oh!" sighed the girl. "It's all been frightfully unjust! You haven't had fair play! I shall tell Mr. Blake." "No, not him! not him!" Ashton's voice was almost shrill. "All I wish is to slip away, before they see me." "You don't mean, run away?" she said, quietly placing her little gauntlet-gloved hand on his arm. "You're not going to run away, Lafe."

He's been made London correspondent of the Louisville Herald. He wanted most frightfully to join the army, but they wouldn't accept him because of his eyes. He'll be just standing on his head with joy at getting to Europe after all. Did I tell you he was in a newspaper office?

Abandoned by Debendra, as a boy throws away an unripe mango not to his taste, Hira at first suffered frightfully. It was not only that she had been cast adrift by Debendra, but that, having been degraded and wounded by him, she had sunk to so low a position among women. It was this she found so unendurable.

October, having been borne in on the wings of a gale, was storming on through wind and wet, and the game of canvassing, that had seemed, on that sunny day when he had written to Christian, so "frightfully interesting," was beginning to pall.

'My dear, said that candid old Miss Sykes to me the other day, 'you might have been very good-looking if all your features were as good as your eyes. Why do ladies of a certain age take it for granted that they can say what they choose to the budding young woman? It annoys me frightfully.

Before she had walked a mile on her way back, she realised that she was frightfully hungry and rather faint. "There is not even a cottage where I could get a glass of water," she thought. The basket, which was really comparatively light, began to feel heavy on her arm, and at length she felt sure that a certain burning spot on her left heel must be a blister which was being rubbed by her shoe.

All who would not embrace Christianity were pitilessly exterminated. Thousands were driven into the rivers to be baptized or drowned. Carnage, desolation, and destruction marked the path of the conqueror. Never had a country been more frightfully devastated by the hand of war. All who were concerned in the rebellion were seized, so far as Charles could lay hands on them.

This they could not do until they had first sawn out one of the fellies; and when at last they brought him to the bank, his neck was found to be broken, and he was as blue as a corn-flower. Moreover, his throat was frightfully torn, and the blood ran out of his nose and mouth.

It was a dangerous and protracted toil, for the mountains were frightfully wild and rugged. He entered them with a powerful host, driving the rebels from height to height and valley to valley, and harassing them by a galling fire from thousands of crossbows. At length a decisive battle took place near the river Guadalemar.

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