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The keeper did not confine his benevolence to a gentle execution of his office, but made some overtures to the creditor for his release, though without effect; and continued, during the whole time of his imprisonment, to treat him with the utmost tenderness and civility.

In the room were girls doing various sorts of work coloring designs on fabrics for curtains and pillow covers; making original designs for crocheted lace; hemstitching draperies; preparing color material for a primary room; while on a table in the center of the room were many finished articles, made by the girls and carrying out their principles of design "not one of which," says the visitor, "but would serve a useful purpose in home or office."

"Well, it's none of our affair," remarked Ned, but neither he nor his chums realized how, a little later, they were to take part in an adventure in which the mysterious man and the queer boxes were to figure importantly. In a short time the man came out of the freight office.

While these moves were ominous, as I can see now in looking back, they didn't disturb me very much at the time. I filled a little niche in the office that was all my own. At every opportunity I had familiarized myself with the work of the man above me and was on very good terms with him.

Before daylight dawned the body was quite cold, and as I knew there must be no delay in throwing it overboard, I asked Curtis to assist me in the sad office. The body was frightfully emaciated, and I had every hope that it would not float. As soon as it was quite light, taking every precaution that no one should see what we were about, Curtis and I proceeded to our melancholy task.

Take your big umbrella and go, dear, and please ask at the express office if my typewriter has come." She laughed again with sheer delight, like a child, and ran to the corner and got the cotton umbrella and placed it in the old man's hand.

Colonel Ashley, who by this time was known to the office boy at the outer gate, was admitted at once. "Mr. Blossom is at the telephone," said the lad, "but you can go right in and wait for him." This the colonel did, having left Jean outside in the car. The telephone in LeGrand Blossom's private office was in a booth, put there to get it away from the noise of traffic in the street outside.

"Persons shall, on becoming residents on the domain, deliver an exact inventory of all the furniture and implements which they may retain as private property, to be filed for reference in the office of the Direction." "New groups and series may be formed from time to time for the prosecution of different and new branches of industry." "Three hundred days shall be considered a year's labor.

I pray God, when my Lord is gone, they do not fall hard upon the Vice-Chamberlain, being alone, and in so envious a place, though by this late Act and the instructions now a brewing for our office as to method of payments will destroy the profit of his place of itself without more trouble. Thence by water down to Greenwich, and there found all my company come; that is, Mrs.

He was running for sheriff on the Republican ticket. He was elected early in April by a comfortable majority and invited Amos and Lydia to a fine Sunday dinner in celebration at the best hotel in town. Kent's father in April was promoted from a minor position in the office of the plow factory to the secretaryship of the company.