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He gone, I to the office, and there busy till night doing much business, then home and to my accounts, wherein, beyond expectation, I succeeded so well as to settle them very clear and plain, though by borrowing of monies this month to pay D. Gawden, and chopping and changing with my Tangier money, they were become somewhat intricate, and, blessed be God; upon the evening my accounts, I do appear L6800 creditor: This done, I to supper about 12 at night, and so to bed.

"Rather more than that," said Mark Nelson, not caring to gratify the curiosity of his creditor. "I think you had better keep your money, and leave Whiteface with me," said Squire Hudson, after a pause. "I would rather not, squire. The fact is, Whiteface is a sort of pet at home, and we all want her back." Squire Hudson was disconcerted. He had not expected that Mr.

I now began to consider seriously my condition, and the circumstance I was reduced to, and I drew up the state of my affairs in writing, not so much to leave them to any that were to come after me, for I was like to have but few heirs, as to deliver my thoughts from daily poring upon them, and afflicting my mind; and as my reason began now to master my despondency, I began to comfort myself as well as I could, and to set the good against the evil, that I might have something to distinguish my case from worse; and I stated it very impartially, like debtor and creditor, the comforts I enjoyed against the miseries I suffered, thus:

I had agreed to pay my mother's dividend every quarter and, as I told you, Mr Gilbert received the money for her. She did not live to enjoy it. A short illness removed her from a world which had never been one of sorrow to her. Her heart was adamant, and troubled waters passed over did not enter and disturb it. All that she had became my uncle's, and he was now my creditor.

Deputations came from the confederation to congratulate the officials de facto and to promise aid. The next step gave the lie direct to the message sent to Charles upholding his authority while protesting against his lieutenant. Sigismund was urged to return to his own without further delay for legal formalities with his creditor. He assented.

"I will go and give the creditor a good laugh," said Asie, "and he will give me something for a treat to-day. We bear no malice, Monsieur le Baron," added Saint-Esteve with a horrible courtesy. Louchard took the bills out of the Baron's hands, and remained alone with him in the drawing-room, whither, half an hour later, the cashier came, followed by Contenson.

The immensity of this debt was another reason for forbidding such a mass of property to be offered for sale under execution at once, as, from the small quantity of circulating money, it must have sold for little or nothing, whereby the creditor would have failed to receive his money, and the debtor would have lost his whole estate, without being discharged of his debt.

You will render me, then, a friendly service, my dear comrade, if you can for a few days have a supervision over my love, and let me know how to act either by talking with the landlady of Alexandrine, or " "Sufficient, general," interrupting. "This is nothing worse than watching, spying, and following a creditor.

Well, then I reasoned that if any smuggler was to land it could only be with the concurrence of our captain, and I suspected that the captain would make no objection to such an arrangement for he himself was, like the rest of us, a creditor of the government.

One creditor after another appeared and demanded his money. And then the whole house of cards collapsed. The first who spoke of a suit at law blew the concern into the air. When once the avalanche begins to roll, it never stops till it gets to the foot of the hill. It was soon ascertained that the fears of the bridegroom, who had got safely away, were only too well founded.

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