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The giant growth, however, seemed to be less subject to this inhibition, though it too showed slower progress in the higher and colder regions. The Intelligencer planned to move from Pomona to San Bernardino and if necessary to Victorville. Daily Le ffaçasé became a sterner taskmaster, a more pettishly exacting employer.

A cot, a broken chair or two, a table smeared with paints, an old shoe, a pipe, and a sketch of the Seine, gave me La Moine in his European birthright, but the absence of any European comforts, the lack even of dishes and a lamp, told me that Montmartre would not know him again. The eyes of the girl who lived on the canvases said that Le Moine was claimed by the Land of the War Fleet.

"They are crying, 'Long live the King! Long live the Queen!" The people, imagining they recognized her, redoubled their cries at this moment, and shouted louder than ever, "Down with the Cardinal! Long live Monsieur le Grand!" Marie shuddered. "What is the matter with you?" said the Queen, observing her.

Michel accepted his lot without complaint and without bitterness. He never passed Monsieur le Cure without a salutation. When he went daily for water to the great cistern of the monastery, he was always ready to carry the brimful pails too heavy for the arms of the old women and children.

The whole distance they chatted and quarrelled. The Abbe reproached the farmer with not going to mass, and the latter replied: "The wife and the girls go for me. You know very well, Monsieur le Cure, that is how it is with us. The women have enough religion for the men. They will open the gates of paradise for us."

He has certainly cared for my rearing from my tenderest years, and it is entirely owing to him that I was educated at Louis le Grand. I owe to him everything that I have or, rather, everything that I had; for of my own free will I have cut myself adrift, and to-day I possess nothing save what I can earn for myself in the theatre or elsewhere."

Une jolie anecdote dont Napoléon III. n'est pas le héros: Napoléon III., alors qu'il n'était que prétendant, et plus riche d'espérances que de monnaie ayant cours légal, fréquentait beaucoup,

Now, will you do me the favour, the service, to look them over, and try whether you can make out le mot d'enigme? I shall not disturb you."

"He rests in peace," said Victor Le Roy. "It is what I must believe. But what if there should be a mistake about it? It was all I was working for." "Think for yourself, Jacqueline. No matter what Leclerc thinks or I think. Can you suppose that Jesus Christ requires any such thing as this of you, that you should make a slave of yourself for the expiation of your father? It is a monstrous thought.

But you'll need a pass," tearing a leaf from the notebook and handing it to Dr. Le Grand; "and I doubt if that will take you through the lines. You will doubtless find the colonel somewhere in the down-town section of the city. Stand aside, men, and let him pass." Dr.