La ville est gouvernée par des Allemands, tant pour les objets de justice et de commerce que pour ce qui regarde les différentes professions. On y voit beaucoup de Juifs qui parlent bien Français, et dont plusieurs sont de ceux qu'on a chassés de France. J'y trouvai aussi un marchand d'Arras appelé Clays Davion; il faisoit partie d'un certain nombre de gens de métier que l'empereur Sigismond avoit amenés de France. Clays travailloit en haute-lice. [Footnote: Sigismond, dans son voyage en France, avoit été

You have made me miserable for a year past; and now you expect me to be frightened at the prospect of being rid of you." "I dont expect you to be frightened. I expect you to do what all men do: throw me aside as soon as I have served your turn." "Yes. Of course, you are the aggrieved party. Where's Lucy?" "I dont know, and I dont care." "Well, I want to know; and I do care. Is she at home?"

Do you think that people with a telapfhone's munny is any better than mine, do you think because I walk in here on my hine leggs that I am a piker & a cheep skait, becuase if so I will bring along my telapfhone contract nex time & show you & then may be you will reckonnize me as a free born amerrican who dont haff to traid where I haff to play 2d fiddle to a chow pupp.

But I believe you delight in stiffness and ceremony. Will you not come upstairs?" "I wish to speak to you privately. First, I have to apologize to you for what passed last night." "Pray dont, Sholto: it doesnt matter. I am afraid we were rude to you." "Pardon me. It is I who am in fault.

You dont understand! says I, why its French. I guess you didn't expect to hear such good French, did you, away down east here? but we speak it real well, and its generally allowed we speak English, too, better than the British. Oh, says he, you one very droll Yankee, dat very good joke, Sare; you talk Indian and call it French.

Meet a body in the road and they ask, 'Where you going'? 'Dont know. 'What you going to do'? 'Dont know. And then sometimes we would meet a white man and he would say, 'How you like to come work on my farm'? And we say, 'I dont know. And then maybe he say, "If you come work for me on my farm, when the crops is in I give you five bushels of corn, five gallons of molasses, some ham-meat, and all your clothes and vittals whils you works for me."

You dont look overjoyed to make my acquaintance; but I was as good-looking as you once. Take my advice, Mrs. Ned: dont drink champagne. The end of champagne is brandy; and the end of brandy is " Susanna made a grimace and indicated herself. "I am afraid we shall disturb the house if we talk here. We had better say good-night." "No, no. Dont be in such a hurry to get rid of me.

I have had a letter from him since you saw him." "What!" said Mr. Lind, rising also. "Dont let us quarrel, papa," said Marian, appealingly. "Why may I not marry whom I please?" "Who wants to prevent you, pray? I have most carefully abstained from influencing you with regard to Sholto Douglas. But this is a totally different question. It is my duty to save you from disgracing yourself."

"Of course it's not true. Bad influence is all bosh. But it was a queer thing to say to his face. He knew very well you meant his sister. Hallo! what's the matter? Are you going to faint?" "No, I Never mind me." "Never mind you!" said Marmaduke. "What are you looking like that for?" "Because it is nothing: I only blushed. Dont be stupid, Duke." "Blushed!

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