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And they gon to Ynde by the great Sea Ocean. First come they to Gibraltar, that was the point of Spain, and builded upon a rock; and there ben apes, and it is so strong that no man may take it. Natheless did Englishmen take it fro the Spanyard, and all to hold the way to Ynde.

Hawsomiver, aa niver thowt naw mair aboot it, nor mair did John, so ee needn't taak till we wur jest two mile from 'ere. An' ee's a gon' on sence! My! an' a larroping the poor beeast like onything! Mrs. Thornburgh stood aghast at the calmness of this audacious recital.

And sithe that foules, that han no kyndely wytt ne resoun, gon thidre to seche that gloriouse virgyne; wel more oughten men than to seche hire and to worschipen hire. Also behynde the awtier of that chirche is the place where Moyses saughe oure Lord God in a brennynge bussche.

And upon that roche, was Jacob slepynge, when he saughe the aungeles gon up and doun, by a laddre, and he seyd, Vere locus isse sanctus est, et ego ignorabam; that is to seyne, Forsothe this place is holy, and I wiste it nought. And there an aungel helde Jacob stille, and turned his name, and cleped him Israel.

They killed 2 french and brought them away in triumph, their heads sett up for a signe of warrs. We seeing no other remedy but must be gon and leave a delightful country. The onely thing that we wanted most was that wee had no boats to carry our bagage.

If it ain' so mooch danger for Win to git hang " He paused and looked at Tex with owlish solemnity. "A'm no lak we cross dem bad lands. Better A'm lak we gon' back t'rough de mountaine." "You dig out them air-tights, if there's any in there, an' quit your croakin'!" ordered the cowboy. And with a grin Bat thrust in his arm to the shoulder.

In that weye also ben manye chirches of Cristen men, be the whiche men gon towardes the cytee of Jerusalem. Of the Pilgrimages in Jerusalem and of the Holy Places thereaboute.

And men gon thorghe the lond of this lord, thorghe a cytee that is clept Cypron, and by the castelle of Neaseburghe, and be the evylle town, that sytt toward the ende of Hungarye. And there passe men the ryvere of Danubee.

Wee are English." Unto which I reply'd, "And I am French, and require you to bee gon;" & at the same instant making signe unto my men to appeare, they shewed themselves at the entrance of the wood.

Also as men gon to Jerico, sat the blynde man, cryenge, Jesu, fili David, miserere mei; that is to seye, Jesu, Davides sone, have mercy on me: and anon he hadde his sighte. Also 2 myle fro Jerico is flom Jordan: and an half myle more nyghe, is a faire chirche of Seynt John the Baptist; where he baptised oure Lord: and there besyde, is the hous of Jeremye the prophete.

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