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Mon cher Monsieur Reeve, N'ayant pas eu le plaisir de vous rencontrer depuis mon retour d'Espagne, j'ai passe samedi chez vous pour vous parler d'une affaire que j'aurais prefere traiter de vive voix. Ne vous ayant pas trouve, il me faut aujourd'hui avoir recours a la plume, car le temps presse.

There are yet to be perceiued of the ruine of those wals, which do now extend, into the sea about halfe a mile: also from the castle Westward into the land, they did perceiue the ruines of a stone wall to extend, which wal, as it is reported, did passe from thence to Pontus Euxinus, and was built by Alexander the great when the Castle Derbent was made.

Paraday, the celebrated author, is again in the enjoyment of excellent health. Somehow I shouldn't like to see it." "You won't see it; I'm not in the least celebrated my obscurity protects me. But couldn't you bear even to see I was dying or dead?" my host enquired. "Dead passe encore; there's nothing so safe. One never knows what a living artist may do one has mourned so many.

In this sort, they went from place to place, robbing all the Countrey over. At length they came to a certaine Castle where under colour of divination, they brought to passe that they obtained a fat sheepe of a poore husbandman for the goddesse supper and to make sacrifice withall.

The next day, the Gouernour sent three Captaines euerie one his way with horsemen and footemen to seeke prouision to passe the desert.

And so, weary with pleasure, and heart-heavy with feelings that had no longer any reason to exist, pale with fatigue, untidy with crush, their pretty white gowns sullied and passe, each went her way; in every heart a wonder whether the few hilarious hours of strange emotions were worth all they claimed as their right and due. Ruth had gone home earlier, and Ethel found her resting in her room.

Our fathers valued change for the sake of its results; we value it in the act. To us the change is revealed as perpetual; every passage is a goal, and every goal a passage. The hours are equal; but some of them wear apparent wings. Tout passe. Is the fruit for the flower, or the flower for the fruit, or the fruit for the seeds which it is formed to shelter and contain?

When we came to make the land, we found our selues to be eighteene leagues to the leeward of the place, where we set off, which came to passe, by reason of the extreme currant that runneth to the Eastward: when we perceiued our selues so abused, we agreed to cast about againe, and to lie as neere the winde as we could, to fetch the line.

Sure it does most unnatural stream I ever see about direction and smells. "I was gettin' a good deal of enjoyment and infections out of him when old man Badrich ran back enamelled with blood and passe tomato juice, the red in his white hair makin' his top look like one of these fancy ice-cream drinks you get at a soda fountain.

Vers le milieu du golfe, sur le chemin de terre, est un défilé formé par une roche sur laquelle on passe, et qui se trouve

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