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"Why, what's the matter, Lou?" asked the mayor in surprise. "Matter enough," whined Max. "Do you know what's happened? Well, I'll tell " Mr. Max was thrust aside, and replaced by a train newsboy. Mr. Magee felt that he should always remember that boy, his straw colored hair, his freckled beaming face, his lips with their fresh perpetual smile. "All the morning papers, gents," proclaimed the boy.

Thither, about a mile south of my destination, and on the other side of a respectable summit, had these confused roads and treacherous peasantry conducted me. My shoulder was cut, so that it hurt sharply; my arm ached like tooth-ache from perpetual beating; I gave up the lake and my design to camp, and asked for the auberge. The auberge of Bouchet St.

The young man was guiltily silent. "And I am merely a wayside chapel, good for an idle prayer." "Make it perpetual." Her arm was heavy. "Caspar wants you away. He will try to arrange it. Perhaps you will yield, and I shall lose." "You mean he will make them recall me." She said nothing. "You can end it now." He stopped and raised her arm.

She had a town-bred girl's curiosity and interest in camp life, which she declared was like a "perpetual picnic," and her slim, graceful figure halting beside a ditch where the men were working seemed to them as grateful as the new spring sunshine.

I thought one of your rules was perpetual silence?" "Silence? Yes everyone is silent but me!" said the monk "I may talk because I am only Ambrosio, mad Ambrosio! something wrong here!" And he touched his forehead. "A little teasing demon lives always behind my eyes, piercing my brain with darts of fire.

The document was then transferred to two of the attendant prelates, by whom it was read aloud; and subsequently the authority given by the Pope for the solemnization of the marriage was, in like manner, made public. The remainder of the nuptial service was then performed amid perpetual salvos of artillery.

Good heavens I That was something possible only with the discovery of perpetual motion. Taken from her theatrical setting, from her lofty perch, so to say, on the trapeze-bar, Olympe Zabriski would have shocked every aristocratic fibre in Van Twiller's body. He was simply fascinated by her marvellous grace and élan, and the magnetic recklessness of the girl.

Not to be able to distinguish the day from night; to see neither the sky, nor sun, nor your parents, nor anything of what is around you, and which you touch; to be immersed in a perpetual obscurity, and as though buried in the bowels of the earth!

In the midst of the perpetual fluctuation of society, the community is irritated by so permanent an institution, and is led to attack it, in order to see whether it can be shaken and controlled, like all the other institutions of the country. Secret Opposition of wealthy Individuals to Democracy. Their retirement. Their tastes for exclusive Pleasures and for Luxury at Home.

With the power, under God, of relieving the sorrowful, enlightening the ignorant, elevating the degraded, and diffusing a vital energy through every pore of this suffering world, will you stand like some bleak Alpine cliff, breathing perpetual frost, merely an object for the curious to gaze upon? so live that your selfish heirs shall rejoice at your death, and the judgment-day clothe you with eternal shame?