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We almost held our breath in eager anticipation, just as we did when there came from America a well-authenticated rumor that the problem of flying had at last been solved. Were we on the brink of another and much more momentous discovery? Was Mr. Wells to be the Peary of the great quest? Or only the last of a thousand Dr. Cooks? Our excitement, our suspense, were so much wasted emotion. Mr.

And in navigating the broad stream what advantages we had over those early mariners upon the Sarah Constant, the Goodspeed, and the Discovery! Their passage up this river was upon unknown waters through an unknown land. We knew just where we were, and where we were going.

The singing came at the end of the lesson hour, and they both treated it as a form of relaxation. Harsanyi did not say much even to his wife about his discovery. He brooded upon it in a curious way. He found that these unscientific singing lessons stimulated him in his own study.

But our main discovery was in a kind of iron safe fixed to the wall, the lock of which it cost us much trouble to get picked. In this safe were three shelves, and two small drawers. Ranged on the shelves were several small bottles of crystal, hermetically stopped.

Though Belinda could not entirely enter into those feelings, which thus made Lady Delacour invent wit against herself, and anticipate caricatures; yet she did every thing in her power to calm her ladyship's apprehension of a discovery.

As to the matter of date, that is of less importance, and can be fixed approximately, for the discovery must have taken place at some period between the arrival of the Portuguese and Spanish in these seas and the draughting of the earliest known chart, that is between the years 1511 and 1536, a period of 25 years.*

A seven-foot telescope planted on the lawn helped to while away the hours of waiting; and it was to the occupation of these hours that science owed the discovery of the comet of 1786, of the comet of 1788, of the comet of 1791, of the comet of 1793, and of that of 1795, now connected with the name of Encke.

We reasoned throughout our article on the supposition that the end of government was to produce the greatest happiness to mankind. Mr Bentham gives an account of the manner in which he arrived at the discovery of the "greatest happiness principle."

After all, however, it is only important to know that Rob did learn of the meeting. Its first effect was to send him sullenly to the drink. Many a time since these events have I pictured what might have been their upshot had Dow confided their discovery to me. Had I suspected why Rob was grown so dour again, Gavin's future might have been very different.

Bruce and Metoosin were so tired after their hard climb over the range that they went to bed early, and Langdon followed them, leaving Pipoonaskoos where Bruce had first thrown him. Scarcely a move had Muskwa made after the discovery that had set his heart beating a little faster.