Few make their first success on the stage after 22, but from 16 to 20 is the time to expect talent in this line, although there is a second rise in his curve before and still more after 25, representing those whose success is more due to intellect. Taking the average age of 100 novelists when their first story met with public approval, the curve reaches its highest point between 30 and 35.

In these two places some 25,000 English troops were wasted a force, which, had it been added to Wellington's army, would have enabled him to take the field against the French, instead of being forced to remain in Portugal for upwards of a year without discharging a single shot against the enemy. Tom and Peter Scudamore, however, were not destined to remain inactive all these weary months.

On Aug. 25 of the same year he died, at Edinburgh, the death of a philosopher. My second excursion to Paris was determined by the pressing invitation of M. and Madame Necker, who had visited England in the preceding summer. On my arrival I found M. Necker Director-general of the finances, in the first bloom of power and popularity.

What is it? Where is it?" came the eager request. "The military camp at Sennelager!" Although it was 9.25 Tuesday evening when we boarded the train in Wesel station, en route for the "luxurious hotel where we were to receive every kindness consistent with the noblest traditions of German honour," there did not appear to be any anxiety to part with our company.

But the jealousy of the generals, and the distrust attendant upon their counsels, tied up his hands. Nevertheless, the siege of Arras was vigorously carried on. This was Conde's fate before Arras, August 25, 1654, when he and the archduke besieged that city.

The enemy were coming in quite a force for supplies, there being at the station four heavily-loaded trains, which had just arrived, for Laws's army. One train was burned, and the others were sent to Farmville. The enemy made an assault on our forces, but were repulsed, 25 pieces of artillery and many prisoners falling into our hands.

Gayman was played by Frank Leigh, son of the famous low comedian; Sir Feeble Fainwou'd by Bullock. On 25 November, 1786, there was produced at Drury Lane a comedy by Mrs. Behn's play, though a very good one is too indecent to be ever represented again. Mrs.

What magnificent events may ensue, it would be useless now to think of determining. Mr. Ainsworth has not attempted to account for this phenomenon, which, however, is quite susceptible of explanation. But the 25,000 feet of altitude is little or nothing, in comparison with the extent of the prospect.

"The story of the seven sleepers of Ephesus is related by Theodore and Rufinus, in a manuscript sealed with two silver seals. Briefly expounded, these are the principal facts. In the year 25 of our Lord, seven of the officers of the Emperor Decius, who had embraced the Christian religion, distributed their goods to the poor, retired to Mount Celion, and there all seven fell asleep in a cave.

September 11. "This is a pretty considerable water and, as it is said to have no fall in it, may, I conceive, be improved into a valuable navigation...." September 12. September 13. September 15. My Mill I could obtain no bid for...." September 19. September 20. September 22. September 23. September 25. September 26.