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I thought at least you were honest, but when there is a high place to be got by merely taking a woman with it, you are like the rest. I thought, too, that you would be one of those men who have a distrust for ruddy hair. And, besides she is little." "Ylga," I said, "you have taught me that these walls are full of crannies and ears. I will listen to no word against Phorenice.

Lord Liverpool pronounced it monstrous; and it probably increased the suspicion and distrust already existing. On the 4th April, 1809, the government took active measures against him. He writes in his journal of that day "Having a confused presentiment that something was wrong, I packed up my papers and clothes with intent to go out and seek other lodgings.

Well, now they were beyond my help, as they had always been beyond my counselling; and, without word said or leave taken, I stole out of the little crowd. It is true I would rather have waited to shake hands with Laclas, but in the last man who had descended I thought I recognised Clausel, and since the scene in the shed my distrust of Clausel was perfect.

You will sup at the casino, and sleep, if you like, without being disturbed. Do not ask any questions, for I cannot answer them. Such is, my dear husband, the whole truth. Tell me now what I could do after that speech of my friend, and after she had received my promise to do whatever she wished. Do not distrust what I tell you, for my lips cannot utter a falsehood.

During all this time Lily Dale was as yet perfect in her happiness. That delay of a day or two in the receipt of the expected letter from her lover had not disquieted her. She had promised him that she would not distrust him, and she was firmly minded to keep her promises. Indeed no idea of breaking it came to her at this time.

I cannot believe that an honest man, however pure and single may be his mind, however simply trustful his nature, is ever really deceived by falsehood. There is beneath the voluntary confidence an involuntary distrust, not to be conquered by any effort of the will.

The little man reminded him of M. Thiers, that effervescence of soda tinctured with the bitterness of iron. He understood the distrust which Count von Wallenstein entertained for him, but he was not distrustful of the count. Distrust implies uncertainty, and the Englishman was not the least uncertain as to his conception of this gentleman of finance.

An indescribable distrust of anybody stepping in between himself and his son; a haughty dread of having any rival or partner in the boy's respect and deference; a sharp misgiving, recently acquired, that he was not infallible in his power of bending and binding human wills; as sharp a jealousy of any second check or cross; these were, at that time the master keys of his soul.

Nay, madam,” replied the Chief Imp, rolling up his eyes, “He has tried every means within his power and grows no better. He turns to you, therefore, in his extremity and beseeches you not to refuse him.” Knowing, as she did, the craftiness of her brother, the Shadow Witch heard his message with distrust.

Not even the swift passion of his kisses could convince her of his faith in her. She was not sure could never be sure, now. It would be bound to come between them sometimes that terrible uncertainty. The grey shadow of distrust which had divided them in the past still followed them from afar a vague, intangible menace.