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"Did you see their faces when they read that note?" "It's really too bad to frighten them so," said Leona Rowe. "I don't agree with you, Leona," said Mabel Ashe firmly. Her charming face had grown grave. "I think that Miss Wicks and Miss Hampton both ought to be sent home.

Personally, I am a man who has fought a fight and has lost it, and however firmly I still believe in the cause which led me to the struggle, I confess that I am disappointed and disheartened at being vanquished.

He put out his hand to the young man, and Sempland shook it vigorously. "I pray that I may succeed for the sake of the South, sir," returned the young man, firmly. "For the sake of the South, gentlemen. That is our watchword," cried Beauregard, standing up and bringing his hand to a salute. "Have you any preparations to make, Sempland?" asked Lacy, when they left the office.

It must be confessed, however, that he took great care of his child he appointed agents to watch over your welfare, though I firmly believe that he never saw you in his life." "I think that he once made the attempt when I was at Roots' school; but, before I was brought to him, his conscience smote him, and he fled like a craven from his only and injured son." "Most probably.

Yet so it was, and I firmly believe that it is only in the recognition of this one-time claim of essential kinship between Christianity and the Pagan Mysteries that we shall find the key to the Secret of the Grail.

We must lean firmly on the central point of our own being and not on anything else. Our mistake is in taking our surroundings too much "au grand serieux." We should touch things more lightly. As soon as we feel that their weight impedes our free handling of them they are mastering us, and not we them. Light handling does not mean weak handling.

"In spite of the precautions of the coachman, his majesty's carriage was upset five times in a single day, and finally it stuck so firmly in the mud that we had to send for assistance to the neighboring villages in order to set it going once more. We were twelve hours on the road, and made only three German miles during that time."

"Sentimentalists!" he said as his eye caught an interjection. "Cant!" he added. Then he looked at Hylda, and remembered once again on whom and what his speech had been made. He saw that her face was very pale. "What do you think of my speech?" he repeated stubbornly. "If you think an answer necessary, I regard it as wicked and unpatriotic," she answered firmly.

Oh, let me go, Allis, I'll come back, I will." "Wait here, mother," commanded the girl. "Doctor Rathbone will tell us if if " she could not finish the sentence could not utter the dread words, but clasping her mother's hands firmly in her own, kept her in the chair. Once Mike came out and said, "He's jest stunned, Ma'am. The docthor says he'll be all roight by an' by." "He won't die "

He went rapidly down the hill, but, ere he reached the river, a gust came careering over the sea. A sturdy young tree was near him. He placed her against it, and wound his arms round her and its trunk. The blast came. The tree bent down almost to the ground, then whirled round, recovered, shivered; but he held firmly. It passed. Again he lifted her, and bore her to the boat-house.