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At once the idea was caught, Mabel thought no more of the strings. "I cannot," said Sarah Bond to Mr. Goulding, "untie this; can you?" Her fingers trembled, and she sank on her knees by the clergyman's side.

Jasper advanced rapidly, but noiselessly, to the canoe, and with a gentle violence induced Mabel to place herself in such an attitude as concealed her entire body, though it would have probably exceeded his means to induce the girl so far to lower her head that she could not keep her gaze fastened on their enemies.

'But really I would rather not dance just yet; I'm a little tired. For the Fräulein was still away with her family in Germany, and most of the work had fallen upon Mabel, who was feeling some need of a rest. Mark did not try to persuade her. 'You must be, he agreed. 'Will you do you mind sitting this dance out with me?

Amy came rushing out, with her hair flying and Mabel in her arms; and she and Katy had a real treat of Punch and Judy, with all the well-known scenes, and perhaps a few new ones thrown in for their especial behoof; for the showman seemed to be inspired by the rapturous enjoyment of his little audience of three at the first-floor windows.

'I'm sure our mistress will not let him have the lamp lighted in his bedroom all night, as nurse says he has at home, said Bridget; 'so most likely that will be the first row he will make. 'Oh, leave aunt to settle all that, Bridget, said Mabel; 'you know how well she manages these matters.

"He'll be back in a few minutes," replied Burlingham. "In fact, he ought to be back now." His glance happened to meet Susan's; he hastily shifted his eyes. "Where's the box?" asked Violet. "Tempest's taking care of it," was the manager's answer. "Tempest!" exclaimed Mabel. Her shrewd, dissipated eyes contracted with suspicion.

I should like to be able to support myself and Mabel, if the worst came. Old Mr. Stanbury says all property is uncertain nowadays, especially in this country." "Oh, don't repeat what that old croaking vulgarian and general leveller and democrat says, to me! A democrat is my aversion, anyhow. I wonder papa, can tolerate that coarse old Jackson man in his sight.

Color flew into her thin cheeks, and the eyes that stared at Hazel's straw tam-o'-shanter grew dim. This was dear Mabel Badger's child; her little namesake, her own flesh and blood. Her jaw felt rigid as she asked the next question. "Have you ever spoken to your uncle Dick about my garden?" "Yes, indeed.

"It didn't do any good " began Maizie. Mrs. Procter plunged in to prevent further discussion about the unfortunate dog. "Do you think you can walk quite a distance, Mabel?" she asked. Mabel put her finger in her mouth. "Don't talk to her right away, mother," begged Suzanna. "She's a little bit shy." So they went on, little Mabel contributing no word to the talk.

Mark got into a compartment next to that in which Mr. Humpage had put Mabel and her sister; it was as near as he dared to venture. He could hear Mabel's clear soft voice saying the usual last words at the carriage window, while Uncle Solomon was repeating his exhortations to study and abstinence from any 'littery nonsense.