Still his restlessness continued, and finally, clasping his mother's hand, he said earnestly, "Come and find papa." "We can't find him, dear," she replied; "it is too far for Reuby to walk, but we will go out on the same road papa has gone, and wait for papa to come;" so saying, she led the child out of the house, and rambled slowly along the road on which the Elder would return.

Since four o'clock the exile had been thinking passionately of England, with its millions of women sitting down actually sitting down! to tea. And then, suddenly, a man pushed aside a female thing who was being cross because she couldn't find a doll that said "Papa" and "Mama" in German.

"The fact is, Mr. Clement, she don't seem to care about living that's what scares me. She's just as sweet and lovely as an angel. She responds to any suggestion, 'Very well, papa, but I can see she does it for me. She herself has lost all hope. It ain't even that she has lost care about it. She is indifferent. She is going away from me just because I can't rouse her "

She felt grateful for all the kindness she received, and liked to visit with her papa; but her happiest days were spent at home on those rare occasions when they were free from visitors, and she could sit for hours on his knee, or by his side, talking or reading to him, or working at her embroidery, or knitting and listening while he read.

"Maybe they were doing it to tease you, if you were with them," Mr. Baxter suggested. "I wasn't with 'em. I was sailin' my boat, an' they came along, an' first they never saw me, an' Willie looked oh, papa, I wish you'd seen him!" Jane rose to her feet in her excitement. "His face was so funny, you never saw anything like it!

In the first place, he must have realized that God sent him into the world to do something, and also that He had not left him alone, but was with him. Papa always says that to realize this begins everything that is good." "Yes," interrupted Barbara. "He did feel this.

The boy was in bed, but started up on hearing his father's step, and exclaimed, "Papa, I am very sorry! Is Margaret better?" "Yes, she is; and I understand now, Harry, that her alarm was an accident. I beg your pardon for thinking for a moment that it was otherwise "

"We're always giving them money," she pointed out, spooning a light dessert in a tall glass, "or getting up bazaars for them, or sending them clothes that have lots more wear in them. And what do they do in return, besides grumble and riot and strike and always ask for more? And they stay poor just the same. What is going to happen, papa?" Mr.

"Papa," said Daisy, "I thought mamma did not mean me to have those things to-night." "She did not forbid you?" "No, papa." Mr. Randolph's arm was round Daisy; now he wrapped both arms about her, bringing her up close to his breast, and putting down his lips to her face, he kissed her over and over, with a great tenderness. "Have you had a pleasant day?"

Coventry was trying to comfort me, in his clumsy way; and what he said he did not invent he heard it; and so many people say so that I I oh, papa! papa!" Mr. Carden dropped the whole subject directly. However, she returned to it herself, and said, listlessly, that Mr. Coventry, in her opinion, had shown more generosity than most people would in his case.