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Sharon cleared his throat. And still, from behind the closed door of the dining-room the music chair tinkled on: "The Campbells are coming! Hurrah! Hurrah!" Poor little guilty, frightened Mary-'Gusta covered her face with her hands. "And now, gentlemen," said Judge Baxter, "here we are. Sit down and make yourselves comfortable. I shall have a good deal to say and I expect to surprise you.

The gloom had almost become the darkness of the night, and they were still sitting there without any light, when Mrs Baxter entered the room. "The dear gentleman is no more," said Mrs Baxter; and it seemed to the archdeacon that the very moment of his father's death had repeated itself. When Dr Filgrave called he was told that his services could be of no further use. "Dear, dear!" said the doctor.

But Farmer Gowrie had to be consulted, and finding the herd-boy useful in winter as well as during the summer months, he decided that he could not possibly spare Geordie. And as for Granny Baxter, she could not understand what anybody could want with more learning who was, able to earn money.

She struggled and tried to fight them off, and her cries, reaching Dick, made the youth long to be at her side. "Let her alone, Baxter!" he cried hotly. "If you harm her you shall pay dearly for it, remember that!" "Talk is cheap, Dick Rover," came back with a sneer. "Now keep off, or I'll do as I threatened." "You won't dare to fire on us." "Won't I? Just come a little closer and you'll see."

"Don't don't run me into the ocean!" he spluttered, and, watching his chance, ran out of the water and up the beach. But Dick was now thoroughly aroused, and he made after Baxter. When he got close enough, he put out his foot and sent the bully sprawling. Baxter came down on some rough sea-shells, cutting his face and hands in several places. "Oh! oh!" he howled. "Stop it!"

There was an atmosphere of awkwardness. "Er Frederick!" said Lord Emsworth. "Freddie, my boy!" Mr. Peters fiddled dumbly with the coverlet. Colonel Mant cleared his throat. The Efficient Baxter scowled. "Er Freddie, my dear boy, I fear we have a painful er task to perform." The words struck straight home at the Honorable Freddie's guilty conscience. Had they, too, tracked him down?

"We might choose the best sewers and let them put in at least a few stitches, so that they can feel they have a share in it." "Just the thing!" exclaimed Mrs. Baxter. "We can cut the stripes and sew them together, and after we have basted on the white stars the girls can apply them to the blue ground.

He talked like this, mamma: he said, 'I'll be word if I stand it! An' he kept gettin' crosser, an' he said, 'Word! Word! "There!" Mrs. Baxter interrupted, sharply. "That will do, Jane! We'll talk about something else now, I think." Jane looked hurt; she was taking great pleasure in this confidential interview, and gladly would have continued to quote the harried Mr. Parcher at great length.

"I hardly think he'd dare to show himself here." "At first I was uncertain about it. But when I came back that way I looked again, and I caught him peeping out at me from one of the bar-room windows. As soon as he saw me look he dodged out of sight." "If Dan Baxter is in this neighborhood, he is here for no good," was Dick's blunt comment.

Baxter, also, at that moment a walking catalogue and epitome of all diseases, thought himself guilty for all sleep he enjoyed beyond three hours a day. More's Utopians were to rise at very early hours, and attend scientific lectures before breakfast.

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