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Danvers, "in search of my granddaughter Margaret, who, I understand, has been living in your house in the capacity of holiday governess since the 28th of July." "Margaret Anstruther!" said Mrs. Danvers. "I am very sorry, but I have never heard the name before." "So I understand, madam," was the grim reply. "My granddaughter has been known to you under the name of Eleanor Carson."

Colson. General, this is one of my young men, of whom I told you." Whereupon the famous general, hero of many battles, held out his honored hand, and took Dirk's in a cordial grasp. I don't suppose I could explain to you what an effect this action had on a boy like Dirk. There is this comfort: you may be a student of human nature, and therefore may understand it all without explanation.

It would be quite like her to reverse the whole plan they had made; and, if her desire to see him, in any measure resembled his huge hunger for a sight of her, he could easily understand such a reversal.

Prayer after prayer to the Virgin, to the saints, Ramona had said; and candles by the dozen, though money was now scant, she had burned before the Madonna; all in vain. At last she implored Alessandro to go to San Bernardino and see a doctor. "Find Aunt Ri," she said; "she will go with you, with Jos, and talk to him; she can make him understand.

More and more the hooker became amalgamated with the night, then disappeared. This time for good and all. At least the child seemed to understand it so: he ceased to look at the sea. His eyes turned back upon the plains, the wastes, the hills, towards the space where it might not be impossible to meet something living. Into this unknown he set out.

He could have roared out, could have jumped up, run out, and shouted to mankind from the depths of his soul asking why he had been tossed there, why he would have to lie there until he had turned into carrion or a crazy man. How could he have let himself be driven out there? He could not understand it. He saw no meaning to it all, no aim.

I think his temper frightened him when it had reference to me. Like others of his breed, he was a bit of a cur at the bottom. My character was a trifle beyond him; and he was ignorant enough to hate and fear what he could not understand.

The latter escaped with a severe reprimand, and the loss of the next two half-holiday afternoons; but he was reminded that his conduct, especially for a new boy, had been all along most unsatisfactory, and he was given clearly to understand that any repetition of this constant misbehaviour would result in his being expelled without further warning.

"What was Lord Markland doing here?" she said. "He ought to have reached home long ago." "He has been in that house in the village, mother. They seemed to think everybody would understand. I don't know what he has to do there." "He has nothing to do there. Oh, Theo, that poor young wife of his! And had he the heart to go from from us, in our trouble there!"

On the other hand, when Pisistratus introduced the worship of Olympian Zeus on a great scale into Athens and built the Olympieum, he seems to have brought him straight from Olympia in Elis. Fortunately this puzzle can be solved. The Olympians belong to both places. It is merely a case of tribal migration. As soon as this point is clear, we understand also why there is more than one Mount Olympus.