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"That's the one thing I can't understand!" protested Joyce, as they climbed the tiny stairs once more. "You seem perfectly crazy about that room, and it makes me so so depressed that I hate to go near it! I like the library and the picture of the Lovely Lady best." Cynthia did not reply to this but lit the candles and gave a last look about. Then they returned to the drawing-room.

"The widow took longer steps than ever on the way home, and Toby ran till he was all out of breath; she fairly lifted him off his feet sometimes, and carried him along on her arm. "Link, link, bobolink! sang the crazy loon when Toby and his bride entered the house. "'Now let's have a light, cried Toby's wife, and her voice was sharper than ever.

"Evelyn is right; you are a very absurd child, Miriam," she said, smiling, in spite of her efforts to keep grave; "very silly, even." "And you are a very foolish, dear old nurse, and you will love our baby, too, won't you now?" clasping her also, zealously. "Be still, child here comes Charity. She will think you crazy to be rumpling my cap in that way, and talking about such matters.

Perhaps you will not even believe it, but it is true: Poets are the practical members of our crazy civilization. Business men are practical only when they are also, and above all, idealists. External life is a succession of picture blocks with which we have builded our thoughts into shapes and forms manifest to the mortal senses.

"You must be crazy, I shall do nothing of the kind." The count took her in his arms, and caressing her in the tenderest manner begged her to do him this favour, not so much for the twenty-five Louis, as to convince me that he was above vulgar prejudices.

So 't we'd never have to leave each other any more." "Why, what are you talking of? You're crazy!" "I'm not crazy; but I will be if I leave you." "Oh, Matt, Matt " he groaned. She tightened her fierce hold about his neck. Her face lay close to his face. "Ethan, where'll I go if I leave you? I don't know how to get along alone. You said so yourself just now. Nobody but you was ever good to me.

I was too dumb did up by her actions to be able to think of anythin' to say so I just sit still, an' she pinned a purple ribbon onto me an' told me she'd read two of my books an' died laughin' only to look at me. I was more than afraid as she was crazy but she talked so fast I could n't even see a chance to open my mouth so I did n't try.

The Chickadees said that the cousins all were crazy, made some good jokes about the Gulf of Mexico, and then dashed away in a game of tag through the woods, which, by the by, seemed rather deserted now, while the weather, too, was certainly turning remarkably cool. At length the frost and snow really did come, and the Chickadees were in a woeful case.

I'd like fine to send you after him! Gie us a help, wives, and let's gie her a ducking at the vera least!" The wretched mother was half crazy, and Maggie fled from her presence. The circumstance was the seal to her purpose. She knew well how her few angry words would be held against her, and she said mournfully, "There's nae hope o' kindness nor justice here for me.

"They're the only ones who won't wear a sensible shoe." "Who," demanded Betty, "is Marshall Morgan?" "He's a pest," said Tommy, with characteristic frankness. "He has one mission in life, and that is to plague those unfortunates who have to be under the same roof with him. He never does anything on a large scale, but then a mosquito can drive you crazy, you know."