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They sped along, now running themselves out of breath, now walking themselves into it again, until they reached a retired hostelry between the two towns. Warning Robert not to show himself, Shargar disappeared round the corner of the house. Robert grew weary, and then anxious. At length Shargar's face came through the darkness. 'Robert, he whispered, 'gie 's yer bonnet.

Weel, amo' the veesitors at the Castle was the Dowager Leddy Breadanham; an' it seemed that whan Leddy Carline was through wi' her narrateeve, the dowager be tae gie a kin' o' a scornfu' sniff an' cock her neb i' the air; an' she said, wha but she, that she didna hae muckle opingin o' Leddy Carline as a saumon fisher, an' that she hersel' didna believe there was a fush in the run o' Spey that she cudna get the maistery ower.

I might hae broken my neck; but troth it was in a venture, mae ways nor ane; but this maks amends for a'. Lady Wauverley! ten thousand a year! Lord be gude unto me! 'But you forget, Mr. Macwheeble, we want the Baron's consent the lady's 'Never fear, I'se be caution for them; I'se gie you my personal warrandice.

Whether the sogers hev goed down inter the valley or no, they're sartin to hev left some o' the party ahind, by way o' keepin' century. Let's picket the animals out hyar, an' creep forrad afut. That'll gie us a chance o' seeing in, 'ithout bein' seen." The mules being disposed of as Walt had suggested, the two continue their advance.

He wanted to gie me a conny ring wi' a beautiful stone in it. But, drat it, I was sic an awpy I wudna tak it, and he a young lord!" "Lord, indeed! are ye daft or dreamin'? Those fine folk, what were they? I'll tell ye. Dobies and fairies; and if ye don't du as yer bid, they'll tak ye, and ye'll never git out o' their hands again while grass grows," said the old woman grimly.

And I'll gie ye a hundred pounds to boot a hundred pounds that'll be the saving of your wife's life, so that she can be made strong and healthy to bear ye other bairns when you're at work again." "Gie up the wean?" cried Jamie, his face working. "The wean my Annie near died to gie me? Doctor, is it sense you're talking?" "Aye, and gude, hard sense it is, too, Jamie, man.

Old Andrew shot a suspicious glance at his son; that young man's face was an innocent blank which did not deceive his parent. "Aye," he grunted, "it's quite likely he was to blame. Yon Neil lads are aye up to some ill. Ye hae a hard set o' young people to deal wi' in this place, Maister Egerton, an' Ah houp the Lord'll gie ye grace to wrastle wi' them!" Mr. Egerton looked uncomfortable.

Sae she says to me, Binna cast doun, but gird yoursell up to the great task o' the day, and gie your testimony like a man upon the mount o' the Covenant." "And so I suppose you went to a conventicle?" said Morton. "Ye sall hear," continued Cuddie.

There are some no bad folk amang the gipsies too, to be sic a gang, added Dandie; 'if ever I see that auld randle-tree of a wife again, I'll gie her something to buy tobacco. I have a great notion she meant me very fair after a'.

In short, I had got my matters settled, and hame I cam; and the morn awa to the muirs to see what the herds had been about, and I thought I might as weel gie a look to the Tout-hope head, where Jock o' Dawston and me has the outcast about a march.

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