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The difficulty of transport here greatly hampers the exploitation of the timber wealth, it being utterly useless for the natives to fell even a fine tree, unless it is so close to a waterway that it can be floated down to the factory. This it is which causes the ebony, bar, and cam wood to be cut up by them into small billets which a man can carry.

'Could na say just preceesely; Sunday seldom cam aboon the pass of Bally-Brough.

The porter came to him and said: "'Hae ye ony mind, Colonel, o' yon big fush ye slippit in the Tod Holes yon nicht? "'Oh, I mind him well, replied the Colonel; 'a good lump of a fish he was, I believe, but I never saw him rightly. "'Ay, said the other dryly; 'yon wad be the biggest sawmon that ever cam oot o' the water o' Tweed, I'm thinking.

"Troth no, Maister Galbraith," replied the Bailie, "I had other eggs on the spit and I thought ye wad be saying I cam to look about the annual rent that's due on the bit heritable band that's between us." "Damn the annual rent!" said the laird, with an appearance of great heartiness "Deil a word o' business will you or I speak, now that ye're so near my country.

It's no like Drumtochty; ye're setting an example, Milton, wi' yir composure. But a' mind ye took the doctor's meesure as sune as ye cam intae the pairish." It is the penalty of a cynic that he must have some relief for his secret grief, and Milton began to weary of life in Jamie's hands during those days.

And a myle from Flom Jordan, is the Ryvere of Jabothe, the whiche Jacob passed over, whan he cam fro Mesopotayme. This Flom Jordan is no great ryvere; but it is plenteous of gode fissche; and it cometh out of the hille of Lyban be 2 welles, that ben cleped Jor and Dan: and of tho 2 Welles hath it the name.

The pawkie auld carle cam ower the lea, Wi' mony good-e'ens and good-morrows to me, Saying, Kind Sir, for your courtesy, Will ye lodge a silly puir man? The Gaberlunzie Man.

Four decades ago the law was not the righteous force it is to-day, and we looked upon many sights which our children, thank Heaven, never see in Kansas. "Keep out of that Redskin's way when he's drunk," was Cam Gentry's advice to us. "You know he'd scalp his grandmother if he could get hold of her then." We kept out of his way, but we bided our time.

He can read fevers like a bulk, but he never cam across sic a thing as the Drumtochty constitution a' his days.

Puir Jean, she held out durin' the simmer, but when the fa' cam', she jest withered awa', like a flower nipped by the early frost; an' this day we laid her in the earth.