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For she prophesied to the messengers, saying, NOVI QUOD DOMINUS TRADET VOBIS TERRAM HANC; that is to say, 'I wot well, that our Lord shall betake you this land': and so he did. And after, Salomon, Naasson's son, wedded her, and from that time was she a worthy woman, and served God well. Also from Bethany go men to flom Jordan by a mountain and through desert.

Natheles it befalleth often-time, that the good diamond loseth his virtue by sin, and for incontinence of him that beareth it. And then it is needful to make it to recover his virtue again, or else it is of little value. IN Ind be full many diverse countries. And it is clept Ind, for a flom that runneth throughout the country that is clept Ind.

Not velly wet now. Captain velly closs Ching tumb' overboard?" "No, he hasn't said anything." "Ching velly glad. You go tell captain something?" "What about?" I said. "Ching get lettee flom fliend." "That's right," I said. "How is he?" "Velly glad you catchee pilate." "Oh, he is, is he?" "Yes, velly muchee glad, and send lettee." "Yes, you said so." "Allee 'bout pilates."

And in that Flom Jordan above-seyd, was oure Lorde baptized of seynt John; and the voys of God the Fadre was herd seyenge. Hic est Filius meus dilectus, &c.; that is to seye, This is my beloved sone, in the whiche I am well plesed; herethe hym. And the Holy Gost alyghte upon hym, in lyknesse of a colver: and so at his baptizynge, was alle the hool trynytee.

"Well," exclaimed Drake sharply, as this peculiar-looking individual reached the deck and stood staring round him, "what the dickens d'ye want? Who are ye? What's your name?" "My name Ling-Wong, mastel," replied the Korean, "and I come flom Excellency Kyong-Bah, at Yong-wol." "Phew!" whistled Drake, turning to Frobisher. "Kyong-bah is the man I negotiated with about this cargo.

Then Lot beheld the country and saw a fair plain toward flom Jordan, which was pleasant, and the flood ran toward Sodom and Gomorrah, which was like a paradise, and took that part for him. And Abram took toward the west, which was beside the people of Canaan at the foot of mount Mamre. And Lot dwelled in Sodom. The people of Sodom were worst of all people.

And it is tlue, it seems tlue: they had learned to love Despair, to be even ploud of Despair. Yet all the time, I feel sure flom what I have lead, flom what I scent, that the individual man was stluggling to see, to live light, but without power, like one's leg when it is asleep: that is so pletty of them all! that they meant well everly one.

'Clodagh, I said after some minutes 'do you know why I called you Clodagh? 'No? Tell me? 'Because once, long ago before the poison-cloud, I had a lover called Clodagh: and she was a.... 'But tell me first, cries she: 'how did one know one's lover, or one's wife, flom all the others? 'Well, by their faces.... 'But there must have been many faces all alike 'Not all alike.

And a myle from Flom Jordan, is the Ryvere of Jabothe, the whiche Jacob passed over, whan he cam fro Mesopotayme. This Flom Jordan is no great ryvere; but it is plenteous of gode fissche; and it cometh out of the hille of Lyban be 2 welles, that ben cleped Jor and Dan: and of tho 2 Welles hath it the name.

"Yes; might see Ching flom velly long way topside lock chop. Then think " "Think, yes, of course." "Not allee same you think. See Ching? Yes; see John Chinaman in blue flock allee torn, long tow-chang; that's all." I did not grasp his meaning for a moment. "Oh, I see," I cried at last; "you mean that if they did see you, they would think it was one of their own crew?" "Yes; think one of own clew.

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