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You put me in mind of a man who was standing in the kitchen of an inn with his back to the fire, and thus accosted the person next him, "Do you know, Sir, who I am?" Hic manus ob patriam pugnando vulnera passi, &c. mentions Inventas aut qui vitam excoluere per artes .

During his visit to that country, being present at a ball where ladies and gentlemen were enjoying themselves in a somewhat laborious way in dancing, he finally asked, 'Why do you not make your servants do this for you? It is at least entertaining to see a nautch, but to wade through the English interpretation of a waltz, hic labor hoc opus est, and the servants ought to perform it."

So that whether twenty Romuluses made a Remus, or hic, haec, hoc, was troy weight, or a verb always agreed with an ancient Briton, or three times four was Taurus, a bull, were open questions with him. "Oh, Dombey, Dombey!" said Miss Blimber, "this is very shocking!" "If you please," said Paul, "I think if I might sometimes talk a little with old Glubb, I should be able to do better."

If you part with him, there is always another feeding merrily: Invenies alium si te hic fastidit. It is like an excursion into Corot's country, it is rich in memories of Walton and Cotton: it is a dream of peace, and they bring you your tea by the riverside. In salmon-fishing, on the Tweed at least, all is different.

Tole ole Ham to watch me, too servants spyin' on me whuzyer think that, my fren'? A nice, quiet hic goodhearted young feller like me, an' his daddy can't go to Europe hup! an' leave him in peace! Ain't that a shame, sir? An' I gotter go home every evenin' an' miss all the fun, by Harry! Thass whuzzamatter now thass why I'm here!

"Lord king," he said to Philip, "I do you homage for all the lands which I ought to hold of you." The vagueness of this language suggested that, if Edward could not get Saintonge, he might revive his claim to Normandy. The king appointed a commission to continue the negotiations with the French court, and then betook himself to Aquitaine. "Hic amor dici potest amor cati et canis," Chron.

"Let us go to him forthwith," said I, spurring my horse into a canter. "/Quod petis hic est/," cried Tarleton, "there is his house." And my companion pointed to a coffee-house. "What!" said I, "does he draw wine as well as teeth?" "To be sure: Don Saltero is a universal genius. Let us dismount."

You bear David a grudge, not merely because you have plundered him, but because, also, your own son is a man far above yourself. You profess to be prodigiously fond of your grandson, to cloak your want of feeling for your son and his wife, because you ought to pay down money hic et nunc for them, while you need only show a posthumous affection for your grandson.

And as the old man tied up the bruised narcissus, in a cracked voice he sang to himself one of the vesper psalms, and I caught the verse: "Haec requies mea in saeculum saeculi: hic habitabo quoniam elegi eam." Arles was at one time a city of churches, but the hurricane of the Revolution swept over her, and now she has left but four.

I not only saw but felt in my body all that I saw. Presently, too, as I observed the wretched beings about me more closely, I perceived that they were all quite dead. Their bodies were so many living sepulchres. On each brutal brow was plainly written the hic jacet of a soul dead within. As I looked, horror struck, from one death's head to another, I was affected by a singular hallucination.