The captain and officers were the first to be aroused by the sound of the gale. They hurried out, and turned up all hands to secure the boats. This was no easy matter, for two had already broken adrift, and it was necessary at all risks to go off after them. They, however, were brought back before the full fury of the hurricane burst on the island.

All of the boys belonging to the Red Fox Patrol at least, had been through the mill before, and knew that there was another side to the picture; when the rain descended, and the wind blew with hurricane force, possibly tearing the canvas out of their hands, and leaving them exposed to the storm, to be soaked through.

What to me would have been kindly weather? Anything a rain-storm a tempest a hurricane anything but a fine night was what I desired. It was still early when we reached the plantation Besancon not quite midnight. We had lost no time on the road. Our object in hurrying forward was to arrive at the place before the household of Gayarre should go to rest.

The change, when it came, was near to making an end of him: the ship caught fire, and they were a day and a night conquering the flames and preparing their philosophy to meet death; for the boats were unseaworthy. Alexander had all the excitement he wanted, for he fought the fire as hard as he had fought the hurricane, and he was delighted when the Captain gave him permission to turn in.

I had once, years before when a boy in Fiji, seen a bad hurricane, and was rather proud of my experience, but I never saw, and never wish to see again, such a truly terrifying and appalling sight as my companion and I now witnessed for within an hour all Nature seemed to have gone stark, raving mad, and I never expected to see the next morning's sun.

They also secured her by stays at either side, fixed to pegs run deeply into the sand, for they well knew the effects of a hurricane in those seas. They had good reason to be thankful that they had got on shore before it came on. Dick looked towards the volcano.

There was no effective rebutting evidence, and after some hard arguing by the attorneys on both sides, the case was closed, and the judge deferred his decision until the third day thereafter. The parties then left the court and returned to their several lodgings. Old Hurricane gave no one a civil word that day.

Bob was right, for immediately on the wheezy squeak ceasing, the hurricane burst forth in reply: "Yes, mother, that's just what I shall do. You're always right. I never knew such an old thing for wise suggestions! I'll set both boys to milk the cows after breakfast.

There were times when the whole crew refused their duty; and we of the afterguard were twice got under arms being the first time that ever I bore weapons in the fear of mutiny. In the midst of our evil season sprang up a hurricane of wind; so that all supposed she must go down. I was shut in the cabin from noon of one day till sundown of the next; the Master was somewhere lashed on deck.

It was then about noon, the three strokes of the Angelus rang out from the parish church, rising into the broad calm winter sky, which was somewhat veiled by fine fleecy clouds. And it was then that a great agitation arose within her, resounding in her ears with such a tempestuous roar that she fancied a hurricane had descended from the mountains, and was passing over her.