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The covering, too, which consisted of four very large skins fastened together with wooden skewers, was secured at the bottom with pegs driven through it and into the ground. The floor was strewed with a quantity of dry leaves by way of carpet. To this hut we were conducted with great solemnity, and as many of the natives crowded in after us as possible.

'I see; and do you remember any other mark you'd know it by? 'Well, yes; I stitched the lining only last month, with red silk, and that's how I remember the letters. 'I know; and are you sure it was that hat he had on? 'Certain sure why, there's all the rest; and she conned them over, as they hung on their pegs on the rack before them.

The wardrobe, like her own, was merely a pair of moth-eaten tartan curtains, concealing both pegs and garments from her curiosity. The only sense of difference came subtly from the folding windows, below whose railed balcony showed another view of the quarter, with steam-trams diminished to toy trains puffing past to the suburbs.

The other door, in the other corner, admitted her to a large light closet, perfectly empty. "Now, if there were only some hooks or pegs here," thought Ellen, "to hang up dresses on; but why shouldn't I drive some nails? I will! I will! Oh, that'll be fine!"

On a patch of earth, close by the side of the rampart and where the moisture had percolated sufficiently to soften the ground, was the plain imprint of a man's foot, shod in miner's brogans, and half-soled. Nor was that all. The half-soling had evidently been home work, and the supply of pegs had been exhausted.

On pegs underneath hung the regulation side-arms, a "Sam Browne" belt and holster containing the Colt's .45 Service revolver. A rifle-rack at the end of the room contained its quota of Winchester carbines.

I afterwards drove pegs in like manner along the whole length of the two outermost longer lines, and tied shorter lines to them, so that the whole affair then represented the squares of a racket; the corners of each of which squares I tied very tight with smaller pieces of the line, till I had formed a complete net of forty feet long and ten wide.

"The snares are all cut up," he said. "I broke the fellow's stick and threw away the pegs." Helen felt a strange desire to laugh. There was something ridiculous in his naive triumph, but she was not really amused. In fact, her confused sensations were puzzling. "Did you hurt him?" she asked. "I hope so," said Festing. "I rather think I did and don't expect he'll come back while I'm about.

We just could not get money to buy shoes enough to go around, but we managed to get leather to make each member of the family one pair. We killed a pig to get bristles for the wax-ends, cut the pegs from alder log and seasoned them in the oven, and made the lasts out of the same timber.

"It is not enough," said Scott, who took his fishing rod from the pegs in the wall of the shack. "Well, shall we go down to the river? The trout ought to rise to-night." The class-room was very hot and a ray of dazzling sunshine quivered upon the diagrams on the yellow wall. An electric fan hummed monotonously and buzzing flies hovered about Agatha's head.

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