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Amen. Among the sadder and smaller pleasures of this world I count this pleasure: the pleasure of taking up one's pen. It has been said by very many people that there is a tangible pleasure in the mere act of writing: in choosing and arranging words. It has been denied by many.

We read of purple mantles and scarlet birettas with ostrich plumes as the costume of the leaders, of a suite of men in scarlet dress, of a vanguard of ten heralds, gorgeously attired. The smaller towns everywhere opened their gates without resistance to the peasants, between whom and the poorer inhabitants an understanding commonly existed.

And as if she were pleased that her children obeyed her very presence, the moon grew smaller as she ascended the heavenly stair; her puffed cheeks sank, her complexion grew clearer, and a sweet smile spread over her countenance, as peacefully she rose and rose.

"I guess you wish I was smaller," said Fatty Coon, "so you could fight me." At that, Peter Mink looked very fierce. And he turned to Frisky Squirrel and Billy Woodchuck and Jimmy Rabbit and shouted: "Take hold of me, quick, you fellows before I hurt him! For I can't keep my hands off him a second longer!" When they heard that, Fatty's friends were frightened.

They listened to propositions, maintaining their prices in a decided manner with an impassive face or perhaps deciding to accept the smaller price offered, suddenly calling out to the customer who was starting to go away: "All right, I'll let you have them, Mait' Anthime."

This included wastes, but the greater part was already cultivated under the 'constraint and imperfection of the open field system, a relic of the 'barbarity of our ancestors. Enclosures involved procuring acts of parliament a consequent expenditure, as Young estimates, of some £2000 in each case; and as they were generally obtained by the great landowners, there was a frequent neglect of the rights of the poor and of the smaller holders.

Before we come to tell the fortunes of our little earth we have to see how matter is gathered into these stupendous globes of fire, how they come sometimes to have smaller bodies circling round them on which living things may appear, how they supply the heat and light and electricity that the living things need, and how the story of life on a planet is but a fragment of a larger story.

It is put on hot, and when it cools it shrinks, getting smaller, and gripping the rim of the wheel in a strong embrace. That is what the jackets of steel do to the big guns. A big rifled cannon is loaded from the rear, or breech, just as is a breech-loading shotgun or rifle.

Their complexions, especially the women, are lighter than those of the Malays; they are smaller in their persons and shorter in stature; their mouths are broad, noses very flat, and their ears are pierced and distended in so extraordinary a manner as nearly, in many instances, to touch the shoulders, particularly when the flap has, by excessive distension or by accident, been rent asunder; but these pendulous excrescences are commonly trimmed and reduced to the ordinary size when they are brought away from their own country.

As it is, the space between the main building and the smaller wing is disproportionably large, and the very distance at which it stands will, I fear, give to it that appearance of meanness of which I have spoken.

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