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Why, you haven't kept your bargain!" Sandy Chipmunk declared that he had done exactly as he had agreed. "I brought load after load of food to the foot of this tree," heexplained. "Half of it I took for myself just as you suggested. Of course, I had to pay Frisky Squirrel for helping me. I paid him half the food for carrying it up to your house." "That's it!" Mr. Crow cried. "That's the trouble!

Her father had noticed the same funny thing in his effort to balance his tugging accounts: 'Now then for a look at Man and Wife': except that he made Debit stand for the portly frisky female, Credit the decorous and contracted other half, a prim gentleman of a constitutionally lean habit of body, remonstrating with her.

"I'll take you to it," said Uncle Sammy "this very night." He was a suspicious old chap which means that he was afraid that if he told Frisky then, Frisky would go off alone and take what corn he wanted without giving Uncle Sammy any. "To-night!" Frisky exclaimed. "Oh, I don't stay out late at night, you know, as you do." Uncle Sammy Coon was known to keep very late hours.

There are two things that you simply have to do at the County Fair, or you aren't right sure you've been. Cider has to be just the least bit "frisky" to be good. I don't mean hard, but "frisky." And the other is to buy a whip, if it is only the little toy, fifteen-cent kind.

Frisky first heard a flicker calling to a towhee; and the towhee told a robin; and the robin told a little song sparrow that he had better keep out of sight unless he wanted Mr. Hawk to catch him. You may be sure that the little song sparrow was very careful after that.

He set his hat upon the back of his head, sticking his hands into his pockets and surveying the group before him. "Say! You Highlanders are a great bunch. I do not pretend to understand you, but I want to say that between you you have saved the day." And with that the cheery, frisky, irrepressible, but kindly little man faded into the moonlight and was gone.

He was on hand before the men came in the morning, and he was the last to leave the place at night. He ate all his meals right on the spot, and went home only to sleep. Now, it was not long before Johnnie Green spied Frisky Squirrel loitering about the field. And he made up his mind that that young squirrel was altogether too bold.

"You needn't feed them," he said. "Take the harness off and let them run about the lot. They've been shut up till they're frisky." A large man, in his shirt sleeves, and with collar unbuttoned, met him at the door. "Helloa, Mr. Zeb." "Helloa, Steve, where's Bob?" "Come in. He's about, somewhere." Sawyer entered and sat down on a large block of wood, his feet half hidden in a pile of chips.

Trapdoors in the decks opened, and the crews poured out and began to pile sandbags in front of the machines so that when day broke fully and the mists lifted, the enemy could not see what had been brought up in the night. Day dawned, and a frisky little breeze from the west scattered the fog and swept the sky clean. There wasn't a cloud by eight o'clock.

He had been mistaken. It wasn't Jasper Jay he had heard whistling, but this fierce red-tailed hawk. Here was even more fun than Frisky had hoped for! As soon as Mr. Hawk could stop his swift flight he turned and came back again. And there followed the liveliest sort of dodging for Frisky Squirrel.

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