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Besides, if my efforts are crowned with some success, the laurel leaves of victory will hide all." "I see no one but you who is risking anything." "You are mistaken; I am not the only one," he replied, with true modesty. "See, over there, the new leaders from La Vendee.

He was full of it in the midst of his other passions of the hour, such as this of the air. He was certain of his direction, as certain as he had ever been. But now his mistakes and miscalculations began. He had mistaken his Lucy, and his Macartney too. What he didn't know about Macartney, Lucy did know; what he didn't know about Lucy was that she had found out James.

"Do you know you have hardly said a civil word to me what have I done?" "You are mistaken! I never meant to be uncivil, I am only tired, and I have rather a headache." "You often have headaches. Are you sure the ache is in your head?" "No, I am not," said Katherine, frankly. "Don't you know what it is to be out of sorts?" "Don't I, though? If that's what ails you I can understand you well enough.

It is not so. The exception should not be mistaken for the rule, nor the occasional for the permanent. Thence they had opened fire on the 2nd of November against Colenso, the town and railway station upon the southern bank, and against Fort Wylie, upon the northern, just to the east of the road.

Now that his motives could not be mistaken, he was assiduous in his visits; and when he had sufficiently obtained her confidence, he ventured to touch upon her affairs.

'Here is a delicate morsel for me, and if I am not greatly mistaken, I shall have a fine dinner to-day. So he approached the oyster, stretched out his neck, and thrust his head between the shells. The oyster closed, and master Nibble was caught as effectually as if he was in a trap."

As it was, even, they seemed for a while undetermined whether to do so or not as it was one of their number that Basil had mistaken for a wolf, and the shot had wounded the Indian, which, of course, exasperated them greatly.

You start for Paris? You are mistaken; it is Olivain who leaves me; you are to remain." "On the contrary, Olivain is to stay and I am to go. I have come for nothing else but to tell you so." "But what is the meaning of this change?" "I cannot tell you." "Explain yourself." "I cannot explain myself." "Come, tell me, what is the joke?" "Monsieur le vicomte knows that I never joke."

I was led to fear that he would displace me in Mary's affections, and in this I was not mistaken. One night I went over to see Mary, and in looking through the window, saw Mary my sweet and beloved Mary sitting upon Dan's knee; and here it is impossible to describe the feeling that came over me at this unwelcome sight.

What care they, I ask myself, about returning to the natal nest rather than settling elsewhere, provided that they find some recipient for their amatory declarations? I was mistaken: the males do return to the nest. It is true that, in view of their lack of strength, I did not subject them to a long journey: about half a mile or so.

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