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Every hour the clouds were thickening apace, and it became evident, that, if Napoleon remained much longer in Paris, the war would burst simultaneously on every frontier of his empire.

But ah me! she added with a sigh, 'what fearful scenes of blood and carnage are yet enacted in Paris, the gay French capital! for from thence also, the courier brought news.

The Prince De Joinville and his nephews, the Count De Paris and Count De Chartes, who had acted as aides de camp to General McClellan, who had been with us from the beginning, active, brave men, who were frequently where the danger was greatest, and who had entered our service with the determination of seeing it to the end, now departed; they, too, finding a respite from their toils upon one of the gunboats.

De Lescure and four others, voted for attacking Nantes. Bonchamps, and five others, declared for proceeding at once to Paris, with the view of arresting the present leaders of the Convention. Cathelineau was then called on to express his opinion, which would of course be decisive. "I think M. de Lescure is right," said he, "I think we are not in a position to advance to Paris.

I hate these foreigners that is to say the men," he corrected himself hastily. Hunterleys smiled. "Well, I was coming to that," he said. "I do feel hideously alone here, and what I would like you to do is just this. I would like you to call at my room at the Hotel de Paris, number 189, every morning at a certain fixed hour say half-past ten. Just shake hands with me that's all.

"Perhaps not mais, que voulez-vous? We are what we are. A grisette makes a bad fine lady. A fine lady would make a still worse grisette. The Archbishopric of Paris is a most repectable and desirable preferment; but your humble servant, for instance, would hardly suit the place," "And the moral of this learned and perspicuous discourse?" "Tiens! the moral, is keep our fair friend in her place.

"Of course I mean, who was she?" "I believe that her name was Pellissier," Ennison answered. "Pellissier," she repeated thoughtfully. "There were some Hampshire Pellissiers." "She is one of them," Ennison said. "Dear me! I wonder where Sir John picked her up." "In Paris, I think," Ennison answered. "Only married a few months ago and lived out at Hampstead." "Heavens!" the lady exclaimed.

A little more and they would have proclaimed him Emperor. His sojourn in Paris has had, on the commercial shop-keeping and artisan class, a monarchical effect which you would not have suspected, and the clerical gentlemen are doing very well, very well indeed! On the other side of the horizon, what horrors they are committing in Spain! So that the generality of humanity continues to be charming.

D the Assembly! I shall never be a farthing the better for them!" "Oh," replied I, "then I suppose you are not a Jacobin?" The driver, with a torrent of curses, then began execrating the very name of Jacobin. This emboldened me to ask him when he had left Paris.

When in Egypt Bonaparte was entirely deprived of any means of knowing what was going on in France; and in our rapid journey from Frejus to Paris we had no opportunity of collecting much information.