One morning in February, a few days after this explosion, I was on the point of starting to go to the dean's house about that weary list of subscribers, which seemed destined never to be filled up, when my cousin George burst in upon me.

These he threw into a quantity of dry leaves and grass which he had got together for the purpose, and swung the whole several times round in the air, until it burst out into flames. The entire process did not take more than two minutes. For our supper, he gathered a few plantains and laid them on the fire.

The news of this decree created a ferment of passion in Hayti. The white planters of the island, who had long controlled everything, burst into fury, for-swore all allegiance to France, and trampled the national flag under foot in their rage. But they had others than the French Assembly to deal with.

"I don't think I shall stay in Wrayburn long. Father talks of moving to New York," said James, in a burst of confidence. "What do you expect to do here?" "Do you think your father would give me work?" asked Herbert, demurely. "I don't know. He might, if you agreed to sell the house." "We may, if we can get enough for it." "You'll have to, anyway. You must be very poor."

He is an honest man, and deserves that one should interest himself for him. At this act of kindness I burst into tears; I did not know how to thank my master. He said to me, in his ordinary rough manner, 'It is well, it is well; what I have done is very simple." In the evening I came to tell the good news to my father, and the next day "

Even Mary, of whom I have labored to tell you, seems not so much expressed as hidden beneath these corrected sheets. She who was so abundantly living, who could love like a burst of sunshine and give herself as God gives the world, is she here at all in this pile of industrious inexpert writing? Life is so much fuller than any book can be.

I thought at first I wasn't seeing things right. But I was. Parson, parson, I've seen many butterflies but never another one like this!" He had to pause, to take breath. Then he burst out again, unable to contain his delight. "Oh, it was the luckiest chance! I was standing on the end platform of the last car, and the train was pulling out, when I saw her go sailing by.

Hence the contradictions in his character. Sometimes nature was too strong for art, and would break out in beauty, as the flower, rich in fragrance and delicate loveliness, when touched by the genial sun, will burst from the black and uninviting bud.

I feel as if you had taken my life into your hands and had the right to dispose of it. I am going. If I escape Oh, I can't write any more; but I know you will understand. You are the most wonderful girl, the bravest, the most generous, in the whole world Good-bye." Celia sank into the chair and, with the scrawl tightly clenched in her hand, burst into tears.

The strife which results from believing that the higher love demands the suppression of the lower, is the most fearful of all discords, the absolute love slaying love the house divided against itself; one moment all given up for the will of Him, the next the human tenderness rushing back in a flood. Mrs. Falconer burst into a very agony of weeping.