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There are moments in which the most selfish may be betrayed into a belief that others act from generous motives; and the very principles which they hold infallible applied to all other cases, they think admit in their own of an exception: so Commissioner Falconer, notwithstanding his knowledge of the world, and his knowledge of himself, took it for granted, that, in this instance, Lady Trant acted from the impulse of disinterested friendship.

You know it is not my business to speak and now the Count is gone, who can contradict it with any propriety? The thing is universally believed. Every body is talking of it, and the consequence is, Georgiana is more in fashion now than ever she was. There's a proposal I had for her this morning," said Mrs. Falconer, throwing a letter carelessly before the commissioner. "A proposal!

Commissioner Falconer, timid, anxious, restless, was disposed by circumstances and by nature, or by second nature, to the vigilance of a dependent's life; accustomed to watch and consult daily the barometer of court favour, he soon felt the coming storm; and the moment he saw prognostics of the change, he trembled, and considered how he should best provide for his own safety before the hour of danger arrived.

Falconer said, were, no doubt, all on the watch to "interpret," or misinterpret, "motions, looks, and eyes." "My dear," concluded the mother, "your play is to show yourself always easy and happy, whatever occurs; occupied with other things, surrounded by other admirers, and encouraging them properly properly of course to pique the jealousy of your Count."

He is leading a very busy life, and has little time for letter-writing, I imagine. Of course I got myself away as soon as I could after that, and I'm afraid I left a very bad impression upon Miss Falconer." Ida said nothing, but leant forward and stirred the fire, which may have caused the colour which glowed for a moment or two on her face.

Falconer, if he gave any hint of this kind; and on his address the commissioner piqued himself, not without reason. Abruptly changing his tone, and taking that air of authority which every now and then he thought fit to assume, he said, "Mrs. Falconer, there's one thing I won't allow I won't allow Georgiana and you to make a fool of young Petcalf."

"Is the son in this?" he asked, sharply. "Oh, no," replied the baron, with a smile. "He knows nothing; he ees too young, too vat do you say? too vashionable, frivolous. No, Sir Stephen doesn't bring him in at all. You understand? He is ze ornamental, shleeping' pardner, eh?" And he chuckled. Falconer nodded, and leaning forward, continued the conversation in a low voice.

Falconer: I am not thinking of the security of Lord Oldborough's power of that, after all I have seen, I can have no doubt; but I am not so sure of "

John may have had to confess to herself that had she not had her history already, and been ten years his senior, she might have found no little attraction in the noble bearing and handsome face of young Falconer.

'Do forgive me for bothering you, he said, 'and try to remember positively if there were any friends or neighbours who came about the house of whom we could perhaps ask tidings? 'I am sure there were none, said Lady Falconer. 'The charm of the place to Mrs. Ogilvie was, I know, its solitude, just as was its charm for us also. 'No English people? 'None, I am quite sure.

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