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"Some one bu'sted him with a' ax most vastly," he muttered. "An' me wastin' two shoots o' powder on the skunk!" "Without bothering to notice the turkey-buzzards that have been following him down the river," I said. He looked sheepish and defended himself: "The cover was too thick to see anything overhead." "He was a friend to the whites. He has been murdered.

Hats and gloves and such small fry were generally left to provide quarters for themselves in Bloomsbury Place. "What is the use of bothering?" remarked Mrs. Phil, disposing of the difficulty of their non-appearance when required, simply; "they always turn up in time." And in like manner Mollie's hat "turned up," and in a few minutes she returned to the parlor, tying the elastic under her hair.

"It's you who'll have to do the putting right, Barry and it'll be a hateful business, too," she replied. "Thanks," murmured Barry. "Well, what's in the letter that's bothering you?" "It's from Peter," burst out Kitty. "He's going straight off to Africa to-morrow! Celia, of course, will be buried out in India her uncle has cabled him that he'll arrange everything.

Yet there was in the city of the lagoons that year, watching the same procession of the gilds which Canale watched, a boy who was destined to link them for ever in the minds of men a lean lad of fourteen, Marco Polo by name, who was always kicking his heels on the quay and bothering foreign sailors for tales of distant lands.

In his life he had taken certain things for granted, never challenging his belief in ultimate success, and bothering little about means and roads. But here he was confronted with a thing of moment. It had suddenly appeared to him that perhaps in a battle he might run. He was forced to admit that as far as war was concerned he knew nothing of himself.

'I did it, said Fulbert; 'he was so cocky about his Yankee that I could not stand it. 'Why shouldn't he be kind to a poor sick fellow? 'He has no business to be always bothering about Fernando here Fernando there Fernando for ever. I shall have him coming up to school a regular spoon, and just not know what to do with him.

But a little risky, isnt it? THE NEGRESS. Risky! I thought you were afraid of nothing. BURGE-LUBIN. I am not exactly afraid; but Oh, please. BURGE-LUBIN. The fact is, I have been behaving very recklessly for some time past under the impression that my life would be so short that it was not worth bothering about. But I have just learnt that I may live well, much longer than I expected.

"I've seen one or two that were bigger," the Commissioner said. "But not much." "When they're stationed, they'll send someone over in a shuttle to pick me up." The Commissioner nodded. "I'll check on the arrangements for that. The idea of the interview still bothering you?" "Well, I'd sooner it wasn't necessary," Trigger admitted. "But I guess it is." She grinned briefly.

Sadie studied her closely, and after pondering for a few moments resumed: "When I was driving over I didn't know how I was going to take you; in fact, I've been bothering about it for some time. I thought you might be dangerous." "You thought I might be dangerous!" Helen exclaimed with rising color. "Surely you understand " "Now you wait a bit and let me finish!

Harry proposed a postponement of our departure for two days, saying that he wished to make an excursion up the mountain. I understood him at once. "It would be useless," I declared. "You would find nothing." "But she was with us when we fell," he persisted, not bothering to pretend that he did not understand me. "She came it must be near where we landed." "That isn't it," I explained.