"No, you're goin' away from it." The lad stood looking down at the two small boys and there was some pity in his tone. "The little 'un is dead beat. Here let me hoist you on my back, I'd as lief go to Crockton as anywhere else to-night, and I know every inch of these hills, I've been looking after cattle here since I were a babby! There now, ain't that better?"

All this theatrical display was evidently meant to awe the lad, but instead of doing so, it made him angry, for he flushed up, and said quickly: "I dare," and the men laughed. "You dare!" cried the leader; "and pray, who may you be, my bully boy?" "I don't tell my name to every ragged fellow I meet in the road," said the boy haughtily.

What right hath she or any one besides to speak of that tyrant and usurper in such tones?" "He is not a tyrant, he is not a usurper!" cried the little Lady Gertrude, recovering herself quickly, and, whilst still holding Wendot by the hand, turning fearlessly upon the dark-faced lad who had startled and terrified her at the first.

An' th' gin'ral r-reads: 'At iliven o'clock at th' church iv Nothre Dame in th' prisince iv th' followin' princes , 'Cut out th' princes, says th' la-ad. 'An' kings 'F'rget th' kings, says th' lad. 'Th' son iv th' Impror 'He's dead, says th' doctor. 'Put on his white soot, says th' Main Thing among th' Austhreeches that was again him fr'm th' beginnin'. An' there ye ar-re."

"What will, then, Charley?" said Eustacia in a disappointed tone. "You know what you forbade me at the Maypoling, miss," murmured the lad, without looking at her, and still stroking the firedog's head. "Yes," said Eustacia, with a little more hauteur. "You wanted to join hands with me in the ring, if I recollect?" "Half an hour of that, and I'll agree, miss."

"Because, my lad," answered O'Keefe, "the Confederate Government in its might and power interposed to protect and defend Barnard O'Keefe against immediate and dangerous assassination at the hands of a blood-thirsty foreign country after the Unites States of America had overruled his appeal for protection, and had instructed Private Secretary Cortelyou to reduce his estimate of the Republican majority for 1905 by one vote."

"Well n-o not just now, I think, thank you," answered I. "And now, Pedro, my boy, tell me about this ship and her captain, and how I came to be here." "That is easily done, senor," answered the lad.

Indeed? a scheme o' yours? that must be a denty ane!" said the uncle, with a very peculiar sneer; "let's hear about it, lad." "It is said in two words, sir. I intend to leave this country, and serve abroad, as my father did before these unhappy troubles broke out at home.

"So your brother is not coming back again, Archer?" one of the boys said to a lad of some fifteen years old, a merry, curly-haired fellow, somewhat short for his age, but square-shouldered and sturdy. "No. He is expecting in another six months to get his commission, and is going up to town to study with a coach.

Then, as I glanced about, I saw a sentry standing not thirty yards from me, but well above me, on the rampart top. He was no gipsy he was an ordinary farmer's lad, with the walk of a ploughman. His sleeves, which were rolled back, showed me a sun-burnt pair of arms, such as no gipsy ever had.