She chose that form for it which would hurt him least. "Mr. Worthington is going to try to change these things?" Mr. Merrill roused himself at the words, and his eyes flashed. He became a different man. "Change them!" he cried bitterly, "change them for the worse, if he can. He will try to wrest the power from Jethro Bass. I don't defend him. I don't defend myself. But I like Jethro Bass.

With savage warriors of the hordes of Torquas charging toward her from one direction, and no less implacable enemies, in the form of the creatures of Astok, Prince of Dusar, bearing down upon her from another, while only a banth, a red warrior, and an unarmed bowman were near to defend her, her plight was quite hopeless and her cause already lost ere ever it was contested.

Then indeed the Rutulians clamorously greet the omen, and their hands flash out. He too will take to flight, and spread his sails afar over ocean. Do you with one heart close up your squadrons, and defend in battle your lost king. He spoke, and darting forward, hurled a weapon full on the enemy; the whistling cornel-shaft sings, and unerringly cleaves the air.

Ferdinand, Maximilian, and Rodolph, who were all sovereigns of Hungary and Transylvania, exhausted their other territories in endeavouring to defend these from the hostile inroads of the Turks, and to put down intestine rebellion.

Such an open treaty of defense would practically condemn and cancel all secret treaties for offensive war as treasonable conspiracies against the commonwealth of the world. But would the organization of such a league of nations to defend peace make war henceforward impossible?

"Insert that word for word, at the head of your paragraphs," he said, "and you'll hear no more of me, unless you give me fresh provocation. And I advise you to think twice before you have me arrested for I'll defend my own case, and ruin you! I'm rather a dangerous customer to have much to do with! However, you've got my card you know where to find me if you want me.

That you will persevere in your refusal is my only hope. 'How shall I palliate, what I cannot defend, my behaviour while I overheard you and your aunt?

After he had told her all that Pearson had said, and the reasons for and against expecting an early attack, he went on: "Now, it remains for you, my dear, to decide whether we shall stay and defend the place till the last against any attack that may be made, or whether we shall at once embark in the scow and make our way down to the settlements." "What do you think, William?" his wife asked.

Of these he kept less than a third to defend the Great Place against possible attacks, and all the rest he sent to fall upon Hafela far away, hoping there to make an end of him once and for all. This counsel the king took against the better judgment of many of his captains, and as the issue proved, it was mistaken. When Owen told Hokosa of it, that old general shrugged his shoulders.

The effect is like painting on ivory. At night the picture rolls back into a safe, and great doors, closed with a combination lock, defend it. It reminded me of some of the foreign wonders we have seen. "Well, my course is almost done, and if I get through without any sickness, cold, or accident, how wonderful it will seem.