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The reserve army in central Europe was much larger; there were about four hundred thousand men, all told, in the field. Meanwhile, however, the pleasant season had mended the roads and dried the swamps. The Russians were refreshed by their long rest, and, children of nature as they were, felt the summer's warmth as a spur to activity.

"Did I not say you neglected essential points to pursue trifles?" he asked. "You were serious when I told you you had got a fortune; and now, for a matter of no moment, you are excited." "What can you mean?

Far away I will think of you, and believe in you, dear, masterful, madman friend. Yes, you are a madman, for Michael Clones told me faith, he loves you well! that you've been living a gay life in Dublin since you came here, and that the man you are accused of killing was in great part the cause of it. I think I never saw my mother so troubled in spirit as she is at this time.

There was a light too, in the large window of the church, and that told me that the bigger girls were saying their night prayers. Creeping close to the convent wall I heard the girls' voices rising and falling, and then through the closed door of the church came the muffled sound of their evening hymn "Ave maris stella Dei Mater Alma "

Wingfield replied; "especially when I told him that I had discovered he was robbing me. However, he knew better than to say much, for he has not been in good odor about here for some time. After the fighting near here there were reports that he had been in communication with the Yankees.

As she thus spoke, the entrance of the servants with dinner cut off all conversation but that of a general nature. When our hasty meal was concluded, and the wine placed on the table, the domestic informed us, "that Mr. Rashleigh had desired to be told when our dinner was removed."

I took down one of the coloured lamps from the mimic tree round which the huge anaconda coiled its spires, and placed it as I was told. "Take the seat opposite to him, and watch." I obeyed.

"You would not, then, think, sir, a matter of four guineas a week will be too much, perhaps." "I told you to name your own charge. Let it be four guineas; if you had said eight I should have paid it." "Good God!" said the publican, "here's a damned fool that I am. I beg your pardon, sir, I didn't mean you.

"Yes, of course," was the answer, and Heidi ran out of the room into her own, and sitting herself on a stool, folded her hands together and told God about everything that was making her so sad and unhappy, and begged Him earnestly to help her and to let her go home to her grandfather.

"I gave orders to run the machinery slowly, as I wanted to get it in good shape for the other tests that will come soon. But I told George, whom I left in charge when I turned in, to head for New York. I wanted to get out over the ocean to try the guns with the new recoil arrangement." "Well, we're over the ocean all right," spoke Ned, as he looked down at the heaving waters.