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The patrolman thought so, too, but he had new orders as to these two. "Pardon me, Miss Bartlett," said Carshaw. "Ah, you see I know your name better than you know mine. Mine is Carshaw Rex Carshaw, if I may introduce myself. I have this moment tapped at your door, in the hope of seeing you." "Why so?" asked Winifred. "Do you wish to forget the incident of yesterday evening?"

Diana had not the heart to hate her kind, so she resigned herself to pardon, and to the recognition of the state of duel between the sexes-active enough in her sphere of society. The circle hummed with it; many lived for it. Could she pretend to ignore it?

She was that one. In coming she was waiting, she had been loving and she was marrying and she was coming and she would be waiting and she would be proceeding to be completing having been one having continued helping. In coming she was remembering and starting and begging pardon and meaning to be continuing and completing having been believing.

'Now, my dear friend, I hope you will pardon me for this occurrence. I sincerely regret you have been insulted in my house. 'Don't speak of it, my dear sir; the fellow is ignorant, and really thinks I am an abolitionist. It was his zeal in politics that led to his warmth. I blame him very little, I replied.

"But did you?" "I'm sure I didn't mean I beg your pardon " "It's all right. If I were an actor I shouldn't be ashamed of it. But I was merely curious to know whether you shared the prevalent superstition. I'm afraid I can't help you from a knowledge of the stage, but if I can be of use, from a sort of amateur interest in psychology, with an affair like this I shall be only too glad."

But I had no time for any further observation, for a voice said, 'What are you barking at, Jenny? and the next moment Eric entered the room. He started when he saw me caressing the dog. 'I beg your pardon for this intrusion, I began nervously, for I saw I was not recognised; 'but I have followed you from Heathfield to tell you the good news. Mr.

Newbolt, Peter Newbolt's widow, upon my soul!" exclaimed the colonel, shocked by his own slow recognition. "I beg your pardon, madam. I didn't know you at first, it has been so long since I saw you. But I was thinking of you only the minute past." "Oh, I'm in such trouble, Colonel Price!" said she. Colonel Price took her by the arm with tender friendliness.

"Do you forgive me," she said to her husband, "for coming down without your knowledge?" "I suppose I must," said Captain Smith, laughing, "on condition that you pardon me for the same offence?" "And noo, then," said Major M'Toddy, "I propose that we all, together and singly, conjunctim ac separatim as a body may say go down instanter to the Waterloo Hotel.

"Your Excellency will pardon me," said De Leviston; "but I find, it impossible to sit at this table till another person leaves it." Surprise and consternation lay written on every face. The Chevalier lowered his pipe, and looked from one face to another. He was so tired with the labor of the day, that he had forgotten all about himself and his history. The governor sat rigid in his chair.

Enjoy, if thou canst, and gather the rank roses of the sepulchre; but to me, haunted still by funeral images, Beauty fails to bring delight, and Love, even holy love seems darkened by the Shadow of Death. Pardon me, and farewell." "Go, then," said the Florentine, stung and enraged at his coldness; "go and find your mistress amidst the associations on which it pleases your philosophy to dwell.