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His good friend, the wind, soon caught the idea, and with a strong breath sent the red paper whisking over the wall, to hang a moment on the trees and then drop among the tulips, where its frantic struggles to escape waked the dog, and set him to racing and barking, as Johnny hurriedly let the string go, and put his eye to his peep-hole.

I wondered how long this weird contest would be kept up; and again and again between the attacks I tried to escape, but had scarcely taken an upward step when another huge reptile was upon me. I was aware that Bruno was running backwards and forwards at the edge of the pit all this time, barking frantically in a most excited state.

The dog ran back a few steps, but his barking did not diminish. "Here, hold the lines. I'll try to catch 'im." Charlie jumped from the wagon and approached the dog with coaxing words: "Come, doggie, good doggie, nice boy, come!" His manoeuvre, however, merely served to increase the animal's frenzy.

He was barking now, and twice he leaped high against the stallion's flank; but this cost too much effort and always lost him ground, as each time he was hurled heels over head by the impact; yet before they disappeared over a rise in the ground I was sure that Nob's persistence was bearing fruit; it seemed to me that the horse was giving way a trifle to the right.

A delectable odour assailed his nostrils and he paused to sniff appreciatively. It was the warm, tempting odour of poultry. The skunk walked around the building, the delicious odour meeting him at every turn. As he reached the front there arose a furious barking and a dog appeared around the farther corner.

Far away I could hear the sound of the advancing beaters the cries of the boys, the occasional barking of a dog, and the shrill piping of the headkeeper's whistle. Suddenly three birds swung into view round the face of the hill, and made straight for the line of butts. They were just below me, nearer to Standish's butt than mine, but I put up my gun and picked off the nearest.

Will you dismount, child, and let Schorlin quiet the bay?" "Oh, no," replied the duchess, "I understand the animal. You have not yet broken the wonderful son of the desert of shying, as you promised. It was not the barking cur, but yonder basket that has dropped from the skies, which frightened him."

For the love of Heaven, good signor, get to the bottom of it if you can. My idea is to set a trap for this red man and catch him, like a fox or other wild creature." "A very cute notion," declared Peter. "We'll rope you in, Giuseppe. Between you and me and the post, our friend Brendon has been barking up the wrong tree, you know.

Now, Grant, make friends." There was a tremendous chorus of barks here, just as if Nero was out of patience, and the other four dogs were savage because he was going to be fed with the new boy before them; but as Mr Solomon laid his hand on the great fierce-looking beast's head it ceased barking, and the others stopped as well. "He won't hurt you now," said Mr Solomon. "Come close."

'They'll hear that fast enoof, said David, looking anxiously up at the shut windows. But the dogs went on barking, and nothing happened. Ten minutes of chilly waiting passed away. 'Tak him away, do! she cried, as Tib jumped up at her. 'No, I woan't! I woan't! The last words rose to a shriek, as David tried to persuade her to go into the stable, and let him make her a bed in the straw.