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"D'ye mean to tell me you've been to my wife arter all arter all I said to you?" "I do," he ses, nodding, and smiling agin. "They were both deceived as easy as easy." "Both?" I ses, staring at 'im. "Both wot? 'Ow many wives d'ye think I've got? Wot d'ye mean by it?"

"I ain't the fainting sort." "I 'ope it's nothing unpleasant," ses George Hatchard, pouring 'im out a glass of whisky. "Quite the opposite," ses Bill. "It's the best news she's 'eard for fifteen years." "Are you going to tell me wot you want, or ain't you?" ses Mrs. Pearce. "I'm coming to it," ses Bill.

As was her habit when thinking, Tess threaded her fingers through several red curls, while her eyes followed Andy Bishop crawling feet first under her cot. "I bet ye didn't do nothin' wicked, ye poor little shaver," she remarked. "Bet I didn't do no Waldstricker murder," answered the dwarf. "I know where I can hide 'im," she then said, with a satisfied smile. "I'll fix up the garret fer 'im.

"Ahrr! you big, fat rascals, them hams o' yourn is clear money. One of ye shall go t' buy Merry a new dress," he said as he glanced at the house and saw the smoke pouring out the stove-pipe. "Merry 's a good girl; she's stood by her old pap when other girls 'u'd 'a' gone back on 'im."

Put a bishop in my clothes, and you'd ask 'im to 'ave a 'arf-pint as soon as you would me sooner, p'r'aps. Talking of relations reminds me of Peter Russet's uncle. It's some years ago now, and Peter and old Sam Small and Ginger Dick 'ad just come back arter being away for nearly ten months.

They clinched and fell that round, and the land-lord patted Ginger on the back and said that if he ever 'ad a son he 'oped he'd grow up like 'im. Ginger was surprised at the way 'e was getting on, and so was old Sam and Peter Russet, and when Ginger knocked Bill down in the sixth round Sam went as pale as death.

Our grand-uncle and guardian, the old knight Im Hoff, had ever, so long as I could remember, demeaned himself as a penitent, spending his nights, and not sleeping much, in a coffin, and giving the lion's share of his great revenues to pious works to open unto himself the gates of Heaven; but what a change was wrought in him by the Emperor's coming!

"But," said I, "to every happy marriage there are scores of miserable ones." "'Cause why, Peter? 'Cause people is in too much o' a hurry to marry, as a rule. If a man marries a lass arter knowin' 'er a week 'ow is 'e goin' to know if she'll suit 'im all 'is days?

Tilly, in particular, was in a sad flutter. "Girls, I simply CAN'T face 'im in 'ere!" she declared. "It was 'ere, in this very room, that 'e first you know what!" "Nor can I," cried Jinny, catching the fever. "Feel my 'eart, 'ow it beats," said her sister, pressing her hands, one over the other, to her full left breast. "Mine's every bit as bad," averred Jinny.

"En w'en he got in de big road, he shuck de dew off'n his tail, en made a straight shoot fer Brer Rabbit's house. W'en he got dar, Brer Rabbit wuz spectin' un 'im, en de do' wuz shet fas'. Brer Fox knock. Nobody ain't ans'er. Brer Fox knock. Nobody ans'er. Den he knock agin blam! blam! Den Brer Rabbit holler out mighty weak: 'Is dat you, Brer Fox? I want you ter run en fetch de doctor.