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At the end of this recital of his vexatious experience Hugh seized her travelling-bag, and together they made their way out of the hotel. "Oh, Hugh!" cried Grace, hanging back a little. "What did Mr. Woods say to you? What did you say? Do you know he tried to speak with me on the train?" "Honestly, I don't remember, dear sister. He's the most muddled man, though, in New York, I'll bet a dollar.

I tell you she knows something about this case that it is necessary for us to know, too. If she doesn't tell someone, it will eat her mind out. I'll add a dinner to the box of cigars we have already bet on this case that what I'm going to do is for the best for her best."

"Well, we'll start a new game. Sam, I'll give you six balls and beat you in" he looked at his watch "beat you before half-past nine." "For a dollar?" "I never bet, Sam, and you know it." Half an hour later Jadwin said: "Shall we go down and join the ladies? Don't put out your cigar. That's one bargain I made with Laura before we moved in here that smoking was allowable everywhere."

"Tony and I had a bet about it. You know that thing about er water, water everywhere, and er not a drop to drink." "'Nor any drop to drink, to be accurate." Bill looked at him in surprise. Then a happy smile came on his face. "Quite sure?" he said. "Of course." "Then you've saved me a lot of trouble. That's, what the bet was about."

She was very let down and happy, and cried a little bit out of working hours for me because it was all so wonderful, and her drowned boy might be resting on some river bottom at that very moment. I said it was a safe bet he was resting, wherever he was; but she didn't get it and I didn't say it twice. And such was the beginning of Vida Sommers' glittering sob career in the movies.

"I bet I will, when I get big enough to kill a bear," answered Billy decidedly. "Say, do you reckon Mamie saved even a little piece of that cake? I 'spect I had better go see," and he slipped out of my arms and was gone before I could hold him. It is a lonely house across the garden with the big and the tiny man in it all by themselves!

"Legal Advisor it is, and we'll ask your advice right this minute on a very important problem. How do you make people like you? Turn hatred into love or something like that?" "One way is to shut your eyes to the hatred, forget it's there and everything will come out all right in the end." "And that's that," said Bet. "Dad knows." "All right Shirley, he's given us his first valuable legal advice.

A man doesn't get to my age...No man does, without having been made a fool of." "Oh, I don't mind that," Jenny said sharply. "It's the girls you've fooled." "Don't you believe it, Jenny. They've always been wiser than me. Say they've known a bit more. You're different ..." Jenny shook her head, sighing. "I bet they've all been that," she slowly said. "Till the next one."

Petty winners drifted off to try their luck at monte, the sports took a flier at roulette; and as the gambling spirit, so subtly fed, began to rise to a fever, Rimrock Jones, the cause of all this heat, bet more and more and still won.

"That's a fact," said Washburn, coming from the stable, "but I'll bet you'll have to wait a few minutes, anyway." He was looking back in the direction from whence Westerfelt had come. "I saw Miss Harriet come out o' the hotel jest after you passed; it looks to me like she's trying to overtake you." Westerfelt turned and saw Harriet about a hundred yards away. "Maybe she is," he said.

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