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While I was showing him how I had lost the money, my partner came, and after watching me throw the cards for a little while, he wanted to bet me $100 he could pick the card. I threw them again, and told him to put up. He "turned," and won the money. Then, turning to the man, he showed him one of the corners turned up, and wanted to bet me again. I told him I would not play with a man that beat me.

But, after all, such episodes as these belong to a later period, when he had become well-nigh human; when it may as well be now confessed he came to love the company of a man more than the company of dogs, when confidence had been won back, and happiness happiness that with those he knew and loved showed itself in an intense and merry joy of life had been finally regained.

He had selected for himself, and for Gledware, ponies that had often been run against each other, and which no others of all Red Kimball's corral could surpass in speed. Gledware and the child were on the pony that Kimball had once staked against the swiftest animal the Indians could produce and Willock rode the pride of the Indian band, which had almost won the prize.

They have become literary men, as it were, without the newspaper readers' knowing it; but those who have approached literature from another direction have won fame in it chiefly by grace of the women, who first read them; and then made their husbands and fathers read them.

She felt compelled to raise her eyes to meet his. "I hope it won't do it too often. It is wonderful; but " Then she pulled herself together with a little laugh. "It must be rather amusing to you, Mr. Thayer, to watch your effect on your audience, and to know that you can make them shiver or cry whenever you choose." He refused to be won into the laugh for which she hoped.

And now, I think I've pretty well unravelled the greater part of the tangle; the rest you can easily smooth out for yourselves. "So you see it has been `nearly lost, but dearly won. My child, Mary, you nearly lost old Esau's heart, when you seemed bent on throwing your own away; but you've won it, and won it dearly, like a dear good child.

The fire has hold of me, and not all the knowledge I have won, not all the dim coming secrets, from before the face of which some day I will tear aside the veil, not all the experiences through which I and I alone have passed, can help me to-day. So perhaps," he added, turning toward the door, "I am a little reckless." Rachael let him depart without uttering a word.

If chance had not kept us together, I would have followed you until I won you. From the moment I saw you, I have had no thought that was not bound up with you." "But think what I have done to you!" she sobbed. "I never realized that there was this danger. And you you have your own friends, your interests. Oh, I " "My interests are all here with you," he answered. "It is I who am to blame.

At last he set forth on his voyage; and his fleet being becalmed, he invaded some villages to look for food; where, being received hospitably by a certain Grubb, and at last winning his daughter in marriage, he begat a son named Olaf. After some time had passed he also won Frogertha; but, while going back to his own country, he had a bad voyage, and was driven on the shores of an unknown island.

But he had been fifty times over, during his brief career, in scrapes of a very menacing kind; once or twice, indeed, of the most alarming nature. His temper, his craft, his impetus, were always driving him into projects and situations more or less critical. Sometimes he won, sometimes he failed; but his audacious energy hitherto had extricated him.