I belong to a Club where there is whist of a night, and not a little amusing is it to hear Brown speak of Thompson's play, and vice versa. But there is one man Greatorex let us call him who is the acknowledged captain and primus of all the whist-players. We all secretly admire him.

His interest in the persons and events of which he spoke, appeared as warm and genuine as his naïveté was amusing and we took leave of him with a strong feeling of good will towards himself and his little clean inn.

Madam Blennerhassett concealed the secret uneasiness she felt, and did all she could to contribute to the pleasure of the occasion by every delicate art of hospitality. She sang a Scottish song, she spoke piquantly of the amusing phases of life in a new country, and of her husband's need of congenial literary associates. "He is compelled more and more to depend upon his books.

Then he chuckled from deep in his chest, the most contagious laughter you can imagine. Often we, at the other end of the camp, have laughed in sympathy, just at the sound of that deep and hearty ho! ho! ho! of Memba Sasa. Even at something genuinely amusing he never laughed much, nor without a very definite restraint.

There seemed little in the city that was amusing. Muriel had been shifted to a hospital in New Jersey, from which she took a metropolitan holiday only every other week, and with this defection Gloria grew to realize how few were the friends she had made in all these years of New York. The men she knew were in the army.

Always a physiologist, even in those rare moments when he was amusing himself, it had just struck Benjulia that the cook after her outbreak of fury might be a case worth studying. But, she had got relief in crying; her brain was safe; she had ceased to interest him. He returned to the dining-room. "You look hot, sir; have a drink. Old English ale, out of the barrel." The tone was hearty.

"What do you think of Judy?" he said suddenly, coming to a stand opposite Matilda. "I think she likes to amuse herself," Matilda answered, very much surprised. "How do you like her amusing herself at your expense?" "I don't like it, David." "Why don't you get angry?" "I do." "So do I, sometimes; but it is your affair. Why don't you speak out?"

Next to fighting a Frenchman, there's nothing a sailor likes so much as taking him in. Young Middleton goes in command of the boat. He is a regular young pickle, and is as pleased at the prospect as if a French prison were the most amusing place in the world.

"She will not listen to any suggestion of marriage. I know of a bright young gentleman who adores her an Israelite like us, in a promising position. He will one day be a professor at the Natural History Museum. But she would not hear of him." "It is not very amusing to live among birds, beasts and reptiles," said Césarine.

Pickwick, as he drained the last drop, 'his pranks are really very amusing; very entertaining indeed. 'You may say that, rejoined Mr. Ben Allen. In proof of Bob Sawyer's being one of the funniest fellows alive, he proceeded to entertain Mr.