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Her father was known to be a stern and rigid man, and it was certain that he would not consent to give his daughter to a spendthrift young noble like myself. When the laughter had subsided I repeated my intention gravely, and offered to wager large sums with all around the table that I would succeed.

There is a corpse on the stage in Riders to the Sea, and a man laid out as a corpse in In the Shadow of the Glen, and there is a funeral party in The Playboy of the Western World. Synge's imagination dwelt much among the tombs. Even in his comedies, his laughter does not spring from an exuberant joy in life so much as from excitement among the incongruities of a world that is due to death.

The headlong haste with which she carried on her operations kept her mind in balance. Once or twice Susan peeped out from the parlour door, and something like an echo of laughter rang out into the hall after one of those inspections. Nettie took no notice either of the look or the laugh.

She said it's really all for ME. I'm sure I hope it is!" with which there flickered in her eyes, dimly but perhaps all the more prettily, the first intimation they had given of the light of laughter. "She told me you'd understand, Mr. Van from something you've said to her. It's for my seeing Mr. Longdon without she thinks her spoiling it."

"My wife used to say the same thing, and that is why I had such confidence in Martha. Unfortunately a time came later on when I feared that she was wrong, and I did not realize what she meant to Cornelli. You have reminded me of my great debt " At this moment such loud laughter and rejoicing sounded from below that both stepped to the open window.

Princess be it, then; but the Prince has the right to deal out life or death to his wife to his wife and to the lover of his wife!" with a spasmodic burst of laughter. "Her lover is to be there; Menko is to be there, and I complain! The man whom I have sought in vain will be before me. I shall hold him at my mercy, and I do not thank the kind fate which gives me that joy! This evening!

The door stood ajar, and he said, as she put out her hand to push it open, "I am Mr. Langbourne." "Oh, yes," she answered in the same high, gay tinkle, which he fancied had now a note of laughter in it. An elderly woman of a ladylike village type was sitting with some needlework beside a little table, and a young girl turned on the piano-stool and rose to receive him. "My aunt, Mrs. Simpson, Mr.

It was the most comical proceeding they had ever witnessed on his part, and when he looked at the group, and then at the ship, he said as plainly as though he had uttered it: "What does all this mean?" When the laughter was over, George proposed three cheers for Angel. The hats came off and the cheers were given.

The mere felicity of it tickled him like a jest in the midst of all his stress; he spent hoarded breath in a gasp of laughter. Around the corner that lay just ahead of him, for which he was racing, was the street in which Miss Pilgrim lived, with her outer room that was always ready and waiting.

"Haven't you sense enough to take that open lamp farther away from those bags?" he asked. There was a roar of hoarse laughter as his companions recognized the incongruity of the question; and Weston blinked at them, as though puzzled by it, until a light broke in on him. "Perhaps it wasn't quite in keeping with the other thing, boys," he admitted. "Give me some tobacco, one of you.