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The Story Girl was much disappointed. "Then I suppose I'll have to do without. The new peas wouldn't hurt enough. They're so soft they'd just squash flat." "I'll tell you," said Peter, "I'll pick up a lot of those little round pebbles on Mr. King's front walk. They'll be just as good as peas." "You'll do nothing of the sort," said Aunt Janet. "Sara must not do penance in that way.

After Aunt Phebe left us, she seemed to grow weak. I felt worried, and could not refrain from asking her what troubled her. She turned her beautiful eyes full on me, and putting both her hands in mine, said: "I know that Louis heard it, and that he told you, and your secret sympathy has been a strength to me. It will pass over, Emily, but Professor Benton is not satisfied.

Williams continued, as Tony's wife followed him up the stairs, "but you and I can take care of that in the next few days." Bob felt sure that his Aunt Bettie had already established pleasant relations with her new assistant, and whistled merrily as he changed into his working clothes.

He anticipates, I suppose, the chance of his finding in me a severe aunt!"

Drawn up at the curb behind them was a smart two-seated phaeton, with a pair of clean-limbed bays. The driver was not a negro, as is usually the case in the South, but a tight-faced little man, who looked the typical London cockney that he was. Garrison never remembered how he got through his introduction to his "uncle" and "aunt." His home-coming was a dream.

What can be wrong?" and Margaretta looked her aunt eagerly and inquiringly in the face. "I am sure, my child, I do not know. Something unusual must detain him, and I only hope that something may be evil neither to him nor yourself." Again there was a deep and painful silence painful at least to one heart, trembling with an undefinable sensation of fear.

"I found it was not among my things," said Daisy. "My dear, your mother thought you would not value it; and it was very desirable to my collection. I took it with her consent." "I am willing you should have it, aunt Gary." "Were you very angry, my dear, when you found where it had gone?" "I am not angry now, aunt Gary."

"The only thing I see that can be done is for me to go and have a talk with Captain Downes. He was a friend of my father's; and I think he is a kind-hearted man, though, of course, he has to be sharp in carrying out his duty of trying to put down smuggling. Well, I will run in for breakfast now, or my aunt will wonder what has become of me; then I will go straight on board the Boxer.

Then the door closed behind us with an echoing clang, and the small, cold rooms came forward stiffly to greet us. The man in grey went to the one window and drew back the curtain; it was growing dusk now. My aunt sat on a straight, hard chair and stared fixedly at the three-armed gaselier.

You come 'long wid me 'tain't far; des around de corner. I'll show ye sompin' make ye creep all over. An' it ain't gettin' no better gettin' wuss. Dis way, Manse Harry. You been 'cross de big water, ain't ye? Dat's what I heared. Aunt Jemima been mighty good, but we can't go on dis way much longer."

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