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"I have them still." "And you will not ruin me, my lord," resumed the notary, trembling; "I am at your feet, your Excellency; take my life and I will die in torment without a murmur, but save my son since you have been so merciful as to spare him till now; have pity on his mother; my lord, have pity!"

She would trace them slowly before the fire, imagining that she really saw them; then believing that her eyes had deceived her, she would rewrite the capital P again, her arm trembling with fatigue, forcing herself to trace the name to the end; then when she had finished it she would begin over again. At last she could not write it any more.

"If you lived with me, you could finish the machine; there's an attic over my house; I guess it's big enough. Only, we'd have to be married, I'm afraid. Jonesville is a mean place, Nathaniel. We'd have to be married. But you could finish the machine." He stood up, trembling, the tears suddenly running down his face. "Finish it?" he said, in a whisper. "Oh, you are not deceiving me?

Did I? Who would have expected such a things . . . After twenty years too! Nobody could have guessed from his tone that the woman was made of wood; his trembling voice, his agitated manner gave to his lamentations a ludicrously scandalous flavour. . . . Disappeared at night a clear fine night with just a slight swell in the gulf of Bengal.

The smell of fumigating pastilles hung heavily on the air. To Emily's excited imagination, the silence was like the silence of death. She approached the bed trembling. "Won't you speak to me, aunt?" "Is that you, Emily? Who let you come in?" "You said I might come in, dear. Are you thirsty? I see some lemonade on the table. Shall I give it to you?" "No!

"You libel your good heart, joking about such things. Now I shan't like to stay here in the cellar any longer when you've gone. How can you jest so brutally about life and death? Day and night I go about here trembling for my life, and yet I've nothing at all, the living God knows I've nothing. That is just gossip!

His own troops turned Jacobin and scoundrel, mutinied, shot him down Ha!" Mr. Pincornet drew out his box and took snuff with trembling fingers. "Well! the King's side was uppermost for a while down there, and we had our revenge we had our revenge we had our revenge! But," he ended sadly, "it could not bring back my poor Charles." "Did you think of it as revenge?" "No. I thought of it as justice.

A young girl sprang up and ripped the ribbon off the straw bonnet she was wearing; the sharp tearing sound added an alien note to the babel. Then she too, trembling violently, attained the pew and fell on her knees, the despoiled bonnet askew on her bowed head. One after another all those not already converted made their way through the encouraging throng to the fateful pew.

I doubt me whether that sort can do much hurt here, seeing as 'tis holy ground." "But is he really a changeling? I thought there were no such things as " "Hist, hist, Missie Anne!" cried the dame; "'tis not good to name them." "Oh, but we are on the Minster ground, nurse," said Lucy, trembling a little however, looking over her shoulder, and coming closer to the old servant.

Suddenly, a broken voice came in answer: "Bring me Marget! Bring me Marget!" "Do you wish to speak to her, Andrew?" "Bring me Marget, won't you," came again the wavering voice. I brought the dear old woman from her kitchen. She was trembling with anxiety and suspense. William Auld threw the door open.