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She returned at once to her room, hid away her hat and coat, and again went to the top of the stairs and listened. Yes, she had not been mistaken; she distinctly heard sounds below, and, she thought, the murmur of men's voices.

Downey abandoned her policy of silence. "Some day," said Mrs. Downey, "Mr. Rickman will be in a very different position to wot he is now. You mark my words." Two tears rolled down Mrs. Downey's face and mingled with the tartan of her blouse. A murmur of sympathy went round the room, and Mr.

Along the familiar road a new and mysterious charm is spread like a net that entangles the feet of every traveller and keeps him loitering on where he would have passed in unobservant haste by day. The great elms murmur in low, inarticulate tones, and the shadows at their feet hide themselves from the moon, moving noiselessly through all the summer night.

There was something in it so unlike a human laugh, that it caused my blood to trickle, for a moment, coldly along my veins. I heard nothing more except the murmur of voices in the bar, for a hand shut the partly opened door that led from the sitting room. Whose was that voice? I recalled its tones, and tried to fix in my thought the person to whom it belonged, but was unable to do so.

The English Parliament made laws for Scotland. English judges held assizes in Scotland. Even that stubborn Church, which has held its own against so many governments, scarce dared to utter an audible murmur.

And when the kind, motherly woman took his hand and led him to the window, and he looked down in the shimmering lake, and over at the purple mountains in the distance, his heart filled to overflowing with thankfulness, and he could only murmur, softly, "Oh, how beautiful! And this is my home!"

"'For God's sake, I continued hastily, 'do not open the gate. And I pointed at the multitude of Peneleo's Indians who covered the shores of the lake. "I had never seen so many of these savages together. Their lances seemed as numerous as stalks of grass. Their hoarse voices made a vast, inarticulate sound like the murmur of the sea. "My friend Pajol was swearing to himself.

Tremble, for the Supreme Judge will demand of you an account of my blood and of Julio's death." A murmur of surprise and terror ran through the room; all eyes were fixed on Simon Turchi, who seemed crushed by Geronimo's words. Having thus addressed Turchi, Geronimo rushed into his uncle's arms and embraced him in a transport of joy. "Oh, unexpected happiness!" he exclaimed.

She rested herself, sat deep in shade listening to the murmur of bees in the sunlight and the gentle complaining of wood- pigeons in the tree-tops far toward the blue. She lay down luxuriously in the fern, pillowed her cheek on her folded hands, closed her eyes, and let all the forest peace fan her to happy dreaming. It was impossible to be ill at ease in such a harbour.

They met, a moment or two later, and were ushered into a large drawing-room in which a dozen or two of men and women were already assembled, and from which came a pleasant murmur of voices and laughter. The apartment was hung with pale green satin; the furniture was mostly Chippendale, upholstered in the same shade. A magnificent grand piano stood open in a smaller room, just visible beyond.