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I listened to their song, and as I listened, some troubled memory came back to me that at first I could not grasp. Then suddenly there rose up in my mind a vision of the splendid chamber in Montezuma's palace in Tenoctitlan, and of myself sleeping on a golden bed, and dreaming on that bed.

But his feebleness was no match for Zura's young strength, and as she held him she would begin to sing: "Before I slept I thought of thee; Then fell asleep and sought for thee And found thee: Had I but known 'twas only seeming, I had not waked, but lay forever dreaming." "Dreaming, dreaming," the boy would repeat. "Sweetheart, you are my dearest dream."

He found pleasure in dreaming of what might have been as he sat watching the girl's changing expression as different moods possessed her; but as for permitting a hope, even, of realization of his dreams ah, he was far too practical for that, dreamer though he was. As the two talked Grayson passed. His rather stern face clouded as he saw the girl and the new bookkeeper laughing there together.

I sprang up, and, for a moment, it seemed to me that I must be dreaming. It was Adele who stood there, all in white, with sunlight around her.... I gasped for a moment, and then recovered myself. It was Adele sure enough, in a white linen riding habit, and morning had come while I slept. But I knew then that one link at least remained with the old life.

When I set sail from Venetia for my long voyage, the Caterina was still a child. And when, returning, I found her grown a charming maid, she was already set apart from all such dreaming for any honorable knight of Venice. Thou dost not guess the spell that holdeth me?" "It is not one of her fair maids of honor who go with her to her court of Cyprus?"

"It would sound well in history," said poor Escovedo, who always thought of posterity, without ever dreaming that his own private letters would be destined, after three centuries, to comment and earnest investigation; "it would sound well in history, that Don John went to restore, the French kingdom and to extirpate heretics, with six thousand foot and two thousand horse.

Somewhere in the centre of things actual, Hartley lived his cheerful, happy life, dreaming when he was lonely of the woman who darned his socks and smiled at him. In Coryndon's life there was no woman either visionary or real, and he wondered why he was exempt from these natural dreams of a man. He was very humble about himself.

The others, meantime, began to let fly their arrows; but Tarbox, settling the other man who had hold of Roger's oar, in the same way as he had done the first, and I being taken on board, the boat pulled rapidly towards the brig. I still could scarcely believe that I was not dreaming. "What!" I exclaimed, looking up at Tarbox, "are you really alive, or is this all fancy?

After leaving the house, they walked leisurely towards the barn, little dreaming what a state of confusion their property was in until Reddy rushed out of the tent, his jacket torn, his face bleeding, and his general appearance that of a boy who had been having rather a hard time of it. "Why, what's the matter?

"Harry had better go to sleep next," said Dr. May, "and see what dreaming will make him. If it makes Dux of Norman, who knows but it may make Drakes of him? Ha! Ethel "Oh, give us for our Kings such Queens, And for our Ducks such Drakes." There had not been such a merry breakfast for months.