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He could hardly recall her as the careful housewife, harassed by lack of pence, knitting her brows over her butcher's books, mending endless socks, and trying to keep the nose of a lazy husband to the grindstone. All that seemed to have vanished. This white sylph was pure romance pure joy. He saw her anew; he loved her anew. "Why did you look so pretty to-night?

But between friends there need be no secrets. What say you, Will? As head of this household, shall Mr. Bowles be welcomed here as a friend or not?" "Kindly welcome," said old Mrs. Somers, looking up from the socks. "Sir," said Will, with sudden energy, "look here; you have never been in love, I dare say. If you had, you would not be so hard on me. Mr. Bowles was in love with my wife there. Mr.

Her greatest happiness was derived from fluttering about those she loved and waiting upon them. Had she dared, she would have babied Martin to an even greater extent than she did. As it was, when she was not at his elbow with warmer socks, heavier shoes, or a cup of hot coffee, she was worrying about Mary and Eliza, brewing tonics for them, or putting burning soapstones in their beds.

"You haven't let me finish, Jim," she cried. But he shook his head. "No need. I'll tell you the rest. We'll start in together, up there, and we'll keep the sewing-machine for home use. You see my socks 'll sure need darning." "Silly. You don't do that with a sewing-machine." Peter's spring wagon was standing outside his door.

Motionless, by himself, close to the door, stood an old man, very thin and rather bent, with silvery hair, and a thin silvery beard grasped in his transparent fingers. He was dressed in a suit of smoke-grey cottage tweed, which smelt of peat, and an Oxford shirt, whose collar, ceasing prematurely, exposed a lean brown neck; his trousers, too, ended very soon, and showed light socks.

"I shall deal with real Things, and not the way we think them. I am young, but I have thought a great deal. I shall minse nothing." "Look here, Miss Barbara," Hannah said, all at once, "what are you doing with this whiskey Flask? And these socks? And you come right here, and tell me where you got the things in this Suitcase." I stocked over to the bed, and my blood frose in my vains.

He tried to soothe her by saying, "That's bitter of you, darling." "But it's true!" Thus they waited, and she went back again to her room. The baby's frock, shoes, and socks, which had been lying on a chair at the time of his death, she would not now have removed, though Jude would fain have got them out of her sight.

She had lost one of her shoes, and her foot was bound up with a filthy piece of rag. She had both her socks on, but they were in dreadful holes. She was wearing a torn sun-bonnet, which was covered with mud; and let me see one of its strings was missing. And, yes, her one shoe was cut about over the top, as if it had been done on purpose with a knife.

The winsome girl held one of the socks on her knee who will chide her? and a tear glistened in her eye. Andrew was a good deal affected. "Clarrie," he said softly, "will you be my wife?" She clung to him in reply. He kissed her fondly. "Clarrie, beloved," he said nervously, after a long pause, "how much are seven and thirteen?" "Twenty-three," said Clarrie, putting up her mouth to his.

But no one heard this quiet protest. Now the baron in his turn, walking more and more quickly through the room, spoke on. Maryan remained sitting on the Louis XI box while the baron walked and complained of the narrowness of relations and the low level of civilization in the city: "This is the real fatherland of darned socks. Everything here has the mustiness of locked up store-houses.