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Methods don't bother me, nor hard names." Jim sat silent for a moment, then he turned suddenly on Sara. "Of course, you get a chunk of money, Sara. But there is something more in it than that for you. What are you trying to ruin me for, Sara?" Again Sara seemed to see scarlet. "Didn't you spoil Pen's " "Keep that name out of this!" shouted Jim.

You were right when you said every bird has its mate. That's true, Jim, and the way it ought to be but they mate with this year's birds, not last year's. When men get as old as you and I we forget these things sometimes, but they are true all the same." "I know it," he broke out, "I know it; you can't tell me nothin' about it. I thought it all over more'n a hundred times lately.

"He said his father would be going out in his boat to fish, as soon as it began to be daylight because the tide served at that hour and that he would start, as soon as his father shoved off the boat. "My eye, Jim, what is that ahead of us? It looks to me like a coach." "It is a coach, or a carriage, or something of that sort." "No, it isn't, it is a light cart.

David was a man after God's own heart, and he was a generous, whole-souled fellow, like Jim Marvyn, though he did get carried away by his spirits sometimes and do wrong things; and so I hope the Lord saw fit to make Jim one of the elect. We don't ever know what God's grace has done for folks.

I can quite understand the feelings of that man who was shot last week. He ran straight out of the gate; he had no thought of escape; he simply did it to be shot down by the sentries, instead of cutting his own throat. I don't believe I could stand it much longer, Jim; and even if I were certain of being killed by a Russian ball I think I should go." "Go then, lad," the man said.

I was somewhat grieved, however, to find that Captain Jim shared equally with his friend in this general verdict of incompetency, and that some of the most outrageous blunders were put down to HIM. But I was not prepared to believe that Lacy had directly or by innuendo helped the public to this opinion.

"Look here, Sally," her husband said, good-humouredly, for nothing that she could say ever made him get angry with her "you're a hard-mouthed animal, and it would take a strong hand to hold you in. But as I like to see you go at full gallop, darling, I never draw a tight rein. Aint you most out of breath yet?" "You're a fool, Jim!"

If I were to say 'yes' to you to-night, Jim, and let you love me, and kiss me, and by and by take me afore the parson, and make me your lawful wife I I wouldn't be the sort of girl you really love.

I'd study her character, her pluck under trying circumstances, her industry, and her all-round good-nature. The shape and face and furbelows, eyebrows and color of bangs, would be the last consideration." "I never hear that from any but married men," Jim said.

The nearest habitation was fifty miles away. Under pretense of fixing the harness on his dogs, Jim got about forty feet from his man, quickly cocked his rifle and got a bead on the half-breed before the fellow knew what was up. At the word of command the rogue dropped his rifle and held up his hands. The next order was to right-about-face march! The order was obeyed.