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You think of yourself as of a commonplace person, useful only for the making of pastry, the darning of stockings, and if a man not a young man, with only dim half-opened eyes, but a man whom life had made keen to see the beauty that lies hidden beneath plain faces were to kneel and kiss your red, coarse hand, you would be much astonished.

"'What's Wilbur writing that kind of music for? I asks in a cold voice. 'He don't know that kind. What he had ought to of written is a bunch of them hollow slats and squares like they punch in the only kind of music he plays, I says. "'Hush! says Nettie. 'It's that last divine phrase, "To kiss the cross!" "I choked up myself then. And I went to bed and thought.

What said he to my Letter? Scar. What should he say? Ela. Why, a hundred dear soft things of Love, kiss it as often, and bless me for my Goodness. Scar. Why, so he did. Ela. Ask thee a thousand Questions of my Health after my last night's fright. Scar. So he did. Ela.

But this Oh, Carl, Carl dear, don't ever kiss me again till oh, not till I know. Why, I'm scarcely acquainted with you! I do know how dear you are, but it appals me when I think of how little background you have for me.

Then he smiled too, and their lips met in such a long, silent kiss as only lovers give and take.

"Oh, you are incorrigible!" said Cornelia, still with an air of lenience. "Now," she stopped for a kiss, "we're going out to-night, so I brought you The Patricians to read; it's charming. And you read it, and be a good mater, and don't think any more about going out to stay on that awful, uncivilized ranch. Visit there in a year or two, if you like, but don't strike roots.

You've killed all I ever had in this world of my own to love me, an' I hate you I hate you!" Then, turning again to the monkey, he put his hands on each side of his head, and, leaning down, kissed the little brown lips as tenderly as a mother would kiss her child.

There was another struggle for breath, then a desperate one, and with its end came consciousness. Grant smiled and spoke faintly: "It must he pretty near the end. I am very tired. Jean, darling, get closer to me. Kiss me." She leaned over and kissed him passionately.

Her hand fumbled and groped in the hood of her parka, and she drew forth a pouch that she placed in his hand. "And now your lips, my lover. Your lips on my lips, and your hand on my heart." And in that long kiss darkness came upon him again, and when again he was conscious he knew that he was alone and he knew that he was to die. He was wearily glad that he was to die.

All was now forgotten that I had taken amiss that evening in the returned wanderer; and when I gave Ann a last kiss that night how well I loved her again! The cocks had already crowed before I fell asleep, and when I awoke Ann was sitting in front of the mirror, plaiting her hair.