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He did not even glance at the somber hangings that concealed a number of recesses in the wall. Scar knew that guards stood back of those hangings, armed with neuro-pistols or needle-rays as a precaution against the ever-present menace of assassination.

A young fellow shot himself at the table of the gambling house at Rome, and at another place I was nearly killed by a man who had lost heavily do you see, it has left a broad scar right across my forehead? so I gave it up. "I was in the French police for a time, and used to watch some of the lower hells. I was nearly killed there once or twice, and at last I came back here.

"I dare say a bird's wings ache sometimes as much as our legs do with running. I say, Scar." "Yes." "Let's go and have a look at the caves." "What caves?" "Down below the Rill. Now, only think of it; we were born here, and never went and had a look at them.

I went for Bobby, to get out of the house, but he caught hold of me. I struck him in the face, and he threw me against the edge of the open door. It made the scar." Foyle's face was white. "Why did you never write and tell me that, Jo? You know that I " He stopped suddenly. "You had gone out of our lives down there.

He was an odd-looking small man, with hair cut short and standing straight up all over his head, like a Parisian waiter. He had quick, sharp eyes, very much like a ferret's; his nose was depressed, his lips thin and bloodless. A scar marked his left cheek made by a sword-cut, he said, when engaged one day in arresting a desperate French smuggler, disguised as an officer of Chasseurs d'Afrique.

He was no ordinary looking man a certain heavy, brooding air relieved of moroseness by twinkling black eyes marked him as a man with a personality. He was short and thick set, with shaggy, iron-gray eyebrows, a smooth-shaven face speckled on one side as by a powder scar. Beneath a thin-lipped mouth a stubborn chin protruded.

It was a pleasant little house, in a semi-countrified spot, and it contained, besides the usual furniture proper to an English gentleman and his wife of moderate fortune, a little Scotch terrier named Towsey, who commanded much of the attention of us children, and one day inadvertently bit my thumb; and I carry the scar, for remembrance, to this day.

Gaston waved his hand to the tomb, and said half-believingly: "Gaston Robert Belward, come again to your kingdom." He turned to go out, and faced the rector of the parish, a bent, benign-looking man, who gazed at him astonished. He had heard the strange speech. His grave eyes rested on the stalwart stranger with courteous inquiry. Gaston knew who it was. Over his left brow there was a scar.

Ought we not to take him for all the ends and purposes for which God hath appointed him, and set him forth, and offered him to us? What then can any suppose to lie here which should scar a soul from laying hold upon him? Nay, should not this be looked upon as a very great encouragement? And should we not bless the Lord, that hath provided such a complete and all-sufficient Mediator?

'A scar! repeated Miss Whichello, in so altered a tone that Cargrim stared at her, and hastened to explain further, so as to learn, if possible, the meaning of her strange look. 'A scar on the right cheek, he said slowly, 'from the ear to the mouth. 'What kind of a looking man is he? asked the old lady, pushing away her plate with a nervous gesture.