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James, it is said, when he asks for deliverance from tobacco-worms, while he must address St. Martial if he wants to free his field from ants. Of the holy hermits who have resided on the island, several have dwelt in the caves where Caribs or Arawaks buried their dead, but the best-known shrine is that of Hormigueros.

On the one hand, I could worm my way back through the caves and tunnels through which I had passed, and try my luck again at the other end. "With half-a-dozen matches!" sneered a voice that sounded like Tobias's "Precisely" ... and the horror of it was more than I dared face again any way.

'Come along, said Marjorie, springing up, as Harry looked somewhat crestfallen, 'we've dawdled long enough; let's run down the side of the hill, and then we shan't take long to get to the cliffs. 'All right, said Harry briskly, 'let's go to the Smugglers' Caves; oh, I say, what a jolly island this is!

Beneath our feet in the caves are part of the foundations of the old feudal château, and pillars and fragments of old sculpture discovered in 1882-1884. In the centre are three archaic works: a draped Juno, and in glass cases, a Head of Apollo, and a Head of a Man, the latter still bearing traces of the original colouring.

Now I want to take you from the starry heights to the dens and caves of the earth, and to speak to you a little about not astronomy, but geology, as the science or study of the earth is called.

The science which deals with these subjects is called geology, a study with which, some day, you will be delighted." "Then all Vulcanian rocks can be melted?" "Yes, if they were subject to as great a heat as that existing in the centre of the earth, which reaches an intensity at which the imagination recoils. But to return to the subject of caves.

The yachts were hove-to, and we pulled off to examine the caves in the boats. One is known as the Clam Shell Cave, another as the Herdsman's Cave, and a third is denominated the Great Colonnade and Causeway. Then there comes the Boat Cave, and Mackinnon's Cave, and lastly, the most magnificent of all, Fingal's Cave. Into this we at once rowed. I scarcely know how to describe it.

Everything points to the conclusion that the man and woman whose remains have so opportunely come to light were contemporary with these animals, and that their bodies were placed after death in the cave in which they were found. Belgium has furnished numerous examples of sepulchral caves, of a date, however, less ancient than that we have been considering.

It's a tangled-up stretch o' mountain, so wild, so rocky, so full of caves that they could have hid there till jedgment-day from all Montana. Yes, that's where they used to hang out." "Used to?" "Yes, 'cause I 'ain't heard much uv them fur some time.

On the third day it was discovered that detectives were in the island again, and Euan brought the news that every boat was watched both coming and going. The days dragged on in suspense, and still Neil was in the caves.