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And Apollo, folding his flute into his pocket, felt that he had acquitted himself with honour; and the archdeacon pleasantly jingled his gains; but the meagre doctor went off without much audible speech, muttering ever and anon as he went, "three and thirty points!" "three and thirty points!" And so they all were gone, and Mr Harding was left alone with his daughter.

She meant to devote her future life to the modest household gods and to Apollo, to whom she owed the gift of song. Archibius had listened silently in great surprise until she had finished her explanation and declared that henceforth she intended to live alone with her mother, instead of having her father's workshop filled with guests.

I should not think of bargaining with the votaries of Thalia a muse so highly favoured by Apollo, and as eagerly sought after, and enthusiastically applauded, at the court of his most gracious majesty as in town and country everywhere."

It was in the Apollo room, too, that the official court-day odes of the Poets Laureate were rehearsed, which explains the point of the following lines: "When Laureates make odes, do you ask of what sort? Do you ask if they're good or are evil? You may judge From the Devil they come to the Court, And go from the court to the Devil." But the Apollo room is not without its idyllic memory.

It is the punishment of those who wish to be too independent; but that suffering is nevertheless a glory for those who vow themselves to Apollo. Then do not complain for having to grub, and describe your martyrdom to us; there is a fine book to be written about that.

She also was a Daphne, fleeing from her own desires, fleeing from the sweetly-alluring voice of her lover, who, to her, was the god of beauty and of grace, the god of learning and the arts her Apollo, whom she adored and believed in, whom she feared, and from whom she fled like Daphne, because she loved him.

Pellew continued the action for more than an hour longer, and drove the enemy, beaten and dismasted, on shore; but he was disappointed of his prize, which claimed protection from the neutral port. The Apollo had five killed, besides the captain, and twenty wounded. A musket ball, which had struck Captain Pownoll in a former action, was found after his death, lodged among the muscles of the chest.

The petitions which were offered on the altars of Jupiter or Apollo, expressed the anxiety of their worshippers for temporal happiness, and their ignorance or indifference concerning a future life.

There are many people who think she'll never get over it." "Well, I give it up." The Apollo shrugged his handsome shoulders. "You say it was she who proposed to divorce him? yet when the wretched man removes himself, then she breaks her heart!" "Naturally she didn't mean him to do it in that way," said the girl, with impatience.

Sir Lionel just looked at him, and raised his eyebrows; that was all, because he wouldn't scold the poor little wretch before us. It was as much as the three men could do to get Apollo down on his four tires again, for, though he seemed as lightly balanced as an eccentric dancer trying to touch one eyelid to the floor, he was partly embedded in the bank by the roadside.

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